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Zynny Part 2 posted by Sidhe Priest in Misc. December 12, 2010, 10:21:34 PM 441
Part 2 of the same.
Zynish Guitarish posted by Sidhe Priest in Misc. December 22, 2010, 12:45:18 PM 448
Uhm. Yeah.

96/24 FLAC file
Yzma-Cronk High5 posted by TechPro in Stuff I've posted April 15, 2013, 12:53:29 PM 791
Yzma B-Day Celebrate posted by TechPro in Stuff I've posted April 15, 2013, 12:52:38 PM 818
Your Monosynthetic Woman posted by Alieo in Assorted Mixes December 22, 2013, 11:39:28 PM 87
Joy Electric vs White Town - Your Monosynthetic Woman

 - Joy Electric's "Monosynth"
 - White Town's "Your Woman" (Instrumental Mix Seby DJ Edit)

Random Items

Name Posted Views Comments Rating
Startide posted by Kaiaatzl in Other work May 04, 2013, 07:25:25 PM 26
A slow electro-rock song that just goes to prove how much I like harpsichord.
Oddly for me, this song is not from the point of view of a ridiculously powerful gauss-cannon-of-life carnivoran struggling to come to terms with a sudden transformation (because he used to be a man!  Before he got in THEIR way...) or losing some personal battle regardless of their gauss-cannon-of-life-ish level of power.  Though it's still not from a human point of view.  Why would I write something boring like that?
It's from the point of view of a completely-normal-in-power-level beached dolphin determined to return to the sea.  And in the end, the music implies he actually succeeds.  How about that for a change?  Flying makes a return as a metaphor -- for swimming, because if all you ever know is the sea, is there really a big difference?
And apparently this dolphin likes harpsichord.
Army of Haloon: Into the Deep posted by Kaiaatzl in Some stuff + a different kind of character October 12, 2010, 01:24:40 PM 620
Second part of the level 5 music for Army of Haloon.
Mysterious Screenshot #2 posted by Kaiaatzl in Mysterious excerpts February 10, 2012, 12:18:09 PM 522
Un grand sommeil noir posted by Sidhe Priest in Misc. February 21, 2011, 08:04:20 PM 343
Antony Beaumont's Orchestration.
Xubuntu Desktop - Clean posted by TechPro in Stuff I've posted April 24, 2013, 12:40:51 PM 475
Yes, mostly default Xubuntu desktop ... but dang it looks nice.

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