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Users who have a post count of five or more may create user albums and upload media.

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Stuff I like.

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You might find some cool stuff in here..  ;)

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Just a collection of random junk, like my new (and problematic) desktop rig and stuff. You know, generally useless stuff I enjoy acting like you care about.  ;)
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Just a bunch of photos related to descent - wallpapers, Lego creations, anything.  ;)
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Here is my current work in progress: my Descent music project, named after the late Descent IV: Invasion project. Over the course of this summer, I plan on remaking as many Descent songs as I can. Check back often over the summer to see the current news!

  • Assault on Titan (Game12).
  • Victum Maria (Game03)

In progress:
  • Outbound (Game 17)

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My photos

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hacking stuff, the like. I'll use this later

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If you theoretically were to play these as oggs in D2X-XL (or Rebirth if you theoretically must :P), they'd probably, hypothetically, go quite well.
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Miscellaneous audio-music work I've done, including ringtones, and songs that don't fit anywhere else.
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