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 Views: 429
Posted by Sidhe Priest
Dec 20, 2010
in Misc.
JP - Another Thing Comin'
For reference: this is what classic metal guitars sound like. Not like that thinnish plastic-sounding stuff in most synths and wavetables.
 Views: 350
Posted by Sidhe Priest
Oct 24, 2010
in Inspirations
The Curse of Razzadoon
Razzadoon's Curse or the Curse of the Otter:
Anything electronic in your general vicinity will start doing nothing except spewing out the name "RAZZADOOOON!!!" over and over and over, with various amounts of "o"s if its a visual display like a TV or a computer screen.  Even things like ovens and toa…
 Views: 367
Posted by Kaiaatzl
Apr 09, 2013
in The Odd Canon
 Views: 604
Posted by Kaiaatzl
Sep 16, 2010
in D1 Remastered Examples
 Views: 34
Posted by Texace12
Jan 07, 2013
in Descent: Orchestrate­d

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