Descent 2 Vertigo Fox Redbook Correlations
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The idea was to make songs that correlate to the D2 Redbook pieces.  It was Alieo's idea.  These songs aren't remixes -- they just attempt to capture the essence of each redbook song.

There is a separate set for Vertigo, which means four of the songs (Crush, Glut, Haunted, and Death) have two correlations.

Most of these songs were made for various projects, but secretly with the correlation in mind.  I tested these as though they were the redbook soundtrack, and they fit into each of their levels in D2 Counterstrike and D2 Vertigo just as well as the original redbook songs did.  Feel free to use them as a replacement soundtrack to D2 and Vertigo, if you like them.  You may have heard some of them before, but at least one of them has never been released before and others have only been released in a few obscure places, or to only certain people, so there's guaranteed to be something new here.
If you want to use one in your own project, let me know -- some of these are already taken, and others I may have plans for.  But otherwise you may be able to use it.

Total song count = 17

The album icon has nothing to do with the album... it's just there to be cute.

With that in mind... Prepare for Descent!
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V07 - Hive Mind, D2 Vertigo Rusty Correlation July 04, 2011, 05:03:00 PM 169 2 4.97 (1 vote)
Title: Hive Mind

Correlated Song: Rusty

Correlated Levels: Kanroku Ore Mine, Living Water Catacombs

Project: Solarian

Description: This is a song from the point of view of the transmode virus itself!  Yes, the virus is sentient... in fact, all it is is sentience.  It needs hosts in order to have any power.
V06 - Expector, D2 Vertigo Pain Correlation July 04, 2011, 04:59:46 PM 129
Title: Expector

Correlated Song: Pain

Correlated Levels: Krell Shaft Facility, PTMC Geothermal no. 1a574, Vertigo Research Station

Project: A Sapphirewolf D2X-XL mission

Description: An elite creature/robot/phyrexian that expects you, and will stop at nothing to bring you down.
V05 - Poison Dart, D2 Vertigo Death Correlation July 04, 2011, 04:55:27 PM 154
Title: Poison Dart

Correlated Song: Death

Correlated Levels: Artifact Research Station, Exodus Research Facility, Morabi Milk Mine

Project: Solarian

Description: Acid-Video-Game.  Kind of cinematic.  I'm considering submitting this to Miner Wars, but I haven't decided yet.
V04 - Solarian Bats, D2 Vertigo Untitled Correlation July 04, 2011, 04:51:15 PM 154
Title: Solarian Bats

Correlated Song: Untitled (Mark1)

Correlated Levels: PTMC Heavy Water Abyss, Urgian Kiln, Magma Tower Complex

Project: A D3 level by Mzero

Description: An experiment with a different style, that turned out quite well.  The idea came from a song in Sonic Riders Zero Gravity.
V03 - Apocalyptik, D2 Vertigo Haunted Correlation July 04, 2011, 04:48:58 PM 141
Title: Apocalyptik

Correlated Song: Haunted

Correlated Levels: Collision Dome Excavation, Citadel Station, Gippan Ore Refinery

Project: A Sapphirewolf D2X-XL mission

Description: A song about the upcoming apocalypse and one lone pilot's attempt to stop it.  Lots of acoustic guitar.  The vocals are in fact my voice vocoded, like in Falcon Core and in the chorus of Chop Shop.
So get inside that ship... and stop... stop the apocalypse!
V02 - FireFlash, D2 Vertigo Glut Correlation July 04, 2011, 04:44:51 PM 117
Title: FireFlash

Correlated Song: Glut

Correlated Levels: Transmode Containment 2112, Metacave Weapons Research, Fold Zandura

Project: Solarian

Description: Plays up the spooky aspect of Glut... in fact it plays that up to the extreme.  So extreme, that it feels like a cross between Glut and the Eggmanland music from Sonic Unleashed.
This is the theme of Fireclaw Smelting and Manufacturing in Maximum Vertigo.  Fireclaw is in reality a front for the Mad Scientists' League of Kith.  This song plays during the events that ultimately lead to the demise of Fireclaw and all its members.

This is actually a double correlation -- it also correlates with 'Overdrive' from the D1 MAC OST.
V01 - Falcon Core, D2 Vertigo Crush Correlation July 04, 2011, 04:41:10 PM 125
Title: Falcon Core

Correlated Song: Crush

Correlated Levels: Deep Kraeg Tunnel System, Archangel Falls Mine, Frisia Gas Mine

Project: Solarian

Description: Don't pay too much attention to the lyrics.  No matter how you interpret them, it tends to turn out as a horror story.  Any interpretation of the lyrics is correct though.  Pumo came up with some good ones.
10 - Chop Shop, D2 Counterstrike Robot Jungle Correlation July 04, 2011, 04:37:53 PM 127
Title: Chop Shop

Correlated Song: Robot Jungle

Correlated Levels: Lavafalls Extraction Ctr., Gytowt Station

Project: A Sapphirewolf D2X-XL Mission

Description: A silly song about a mad, murderous, and... how shall I put this... highly carnivorous butcher.  Inspired by Sweeny Todd.
My goal was to evoke knives with literally every instrument in the song.  I even went so far as to use the diamond claw's tearing sound as a percussion instrument.
09 - Mad Machine, D2 Counterstrike Techno Industry Correlation July 04, 2011, 04:36:04 PM 127
Title: Mad Machine

Correlated Song: Techno Industry

Correlated Levels: Firewalker Mine, Nep'Hilim S'crub

Project: A Sapphirewolf D2X-XL mission

Description: A different take on the same concept as Techno Industry.  Mad Machine - End it!
08 - Whispers of the Dead, D2 Counterstrike Are You Descent Correlation July 04, 2011, 04:32:13 PM 139
Title: Whispers of the Dead

Correlated Song: Are you Descent?

Correlated Levels: Riverbed Mine, Drec'nible K'luh

Project: A Sapphirewolf D2X-XL mission

Description: Gothic Industrial Horror Ballad about a haunted forest.
07 - Challenger, D2 Counterstrike Haunted Correlation July 04, 2011, 04:29:35 PM 126
Title: Challenger

Correlated Song: Haunted

Correlated Levels: Coralbank Quarry, Y'tor III

Project: G'Blanix OST

Description: This song will play whenever you face a certain type of boss in G'Blanix.  Lots of clean electric guitar, and some spooky organ.
06 - Bright Industry, D2 Counterstrike Death Correlation July 04, 2011, 04:26:39 PM 155
Title: Bright Industry

Correlated Song: 'Death'

Correlated Levels: The Well, Terrafrost Catacombs

Project: A Sapphirewolf D2X-XL mission

Description: An OPL3 electric guitar and lots of bells (and some other things).  The correlation may not be obvious, but it's there.
05 - Deep Within, D2 Counterstrike Crush Correlation July 04, 2011, 04:24:15 PM 133
Title: Deep Within

Correlated Song: Crush

Correlated Levels: Seaspring Gorge, Icehammer Caverns

Project: A Sapphirewolf D2X-XL mission

Description: Non-offensive rap with a sitar!  Nuff said.
04 - The Great Escape, D2 Counterstrike Ratzez Correlation July 04, 2011, 04:22:18 PM 145
Title: The Great Escape

Correlated Song: Ratzez

Correlated Levels: Robby Station, Arcticon Corridor, Tycho Brahe

Project: Descent WiiWare

Description: The high-energy electro version!
Written from the Thief's point of view.  It's his theme, after all.  Now that it's in the official Descent for WiiWare, does that make it the official theme of the thief?  I say yes :P.
03 - Snake Eyes, D2 Counterstrike Cold Reality Correlation July 04, 2011, 04:19:17 PM 137
Title: Snake Eyes

Correlated Song: Cold Reality

Correlated Levels: Wenl Mine, Sleetstone Tunnels, Iwihml

Project: A Sapphirewolf D2X-XL mission

Description: Industrial Horror Synthpop.  About a strange creature with snake eyes that can control peoples minds.
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