Descent Dreams - The New Enemy Within OST
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This is the official ogg soundtrack of Descent - The Enemy Within, and it's finished now.  Find instructions for installation in this thread: http://www.planetdescent.net/index.php?topic=565.0.  It's also the official soundtrack of D2X-XL when it gets released as a standalone program (using TEW as the default mission).
All of the songs that you see here were recorded "live" on my Yamaha PSR-E403 keyboard (which I've had since about 2005).  After the recording was done on each one it was rendered, one track at a time, as a midi file.  The midi file would be then loaded into FL Studio and mastered with synths, effects, and automation.  This means among other things that midi versions of these songs already exist, though some of them admittedly sound pretty terrible compared to these versions.  Nevertheless, if you want to use the midi version of one of these songs for whatever reason, drop me a PM or an email telling me which ones and I'll get them to you.  As a warning they will probably not sound right in Descent, the tempos are higher than what's supported by the HMP format.
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