Author Topic: What would achievements be like in D3?  (Read 25278 times)

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Re: What would achievements be like in D3?
« Reply #45 on: June 15, 2011, 05:36:13 AM »
A lot of D2X-XL gameplay features are more true to the books than to the original game -- even the 'official' explanation for how critical damage repairs itself is the same.  It's interesting because I don't think Karx has read the books (though he can feel free to prove me wrong ;) ).

My favourite part, that I've read, was in Descent Equinox when Ben (the Material Defender) was using the Pyro GL to fight the Mercenary and he got all the wings knocked off his ship :D.  Funny.
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Re: What would achievements be like in D3?
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Probably should point out here that I haven't read any of the Descent books, so I have no idea what any of you are talking about when you start referring to them. :P

@ Omega: I suppose you raise some valid points, but if you're looking at it from just the game's perspective (like me), it looks a LOT like the CED was taking a chance with their actions, presuming the worse when there was no real evidence to confirm it's truth (even if it is likely) and seeing that human life was on the line here, that does irk me a little. And I still say the CED acted rashly in regards to Red Acropolis. Maybe all the evidence did point to them being terrorists at the time, but still...as we all know, they weren't. No doubt the CED were mightily embarrassed when they found out the truth. :P

Nice to see that the books works to clear up a few of these points, though. :)

And except for these points, I have nothing against the CED. :D

EDIT: In completely unrelated news, I somehow hit 1000 posts five posts ago and missed it. :P
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