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07 Industrial Accident (GAME07 Playstation Redbook Version)
"Industrial Accident" by Allister Brimble
GAME07 Playstation Redbook Version

Used in: Levels 7, 14, 17, 22, & 27

Notes: This particular track was used for a whopping 5 levels. Music in the Playstation version of Descent were not repeated in track order, but rather randomly (or strategically) assigned to various levels later in the game. I always wondered why "Industrial Accident" appeared so many times in the game, and when I extracted the music files from the Playstation disc, I found out that "Industrial Accident" had been on there as 3 separate files, yet it was the same song. I speculate that perhaps they were going to include more tracks from the Descent 2 Redbook list, but that they decided to pull a couple of songs at the last minute, leaving the Level 7 theme to repeat itself throughout the game four more times.

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