Author Topic: Descent Music Remix by cfx  (Read 6730 times)

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Descent Music Remix by cfx
« on: December 16, 2011, 01:41:37 PM »
We have heard a lot of variations and remixes of the music from Descent, and they are all fabulous... But this one really stands out, it captures the mood so well. It is a finely produced and generally well polished piece. Take a moment to listen and judge for yourself!

    "This is easily my biggest undertaking to date, in terms of project size, complexity, and length... Since 1994 I wanted to be part of the soundtracks of my favorite games (something which has not changed to this day). What HAS changed is my ability to do so, and create something that fans of the original tracks could appreciate -- and I could be sure I've created a solid tribute instead of a pile of garbage. It took many years for me to be confident enough in my abilities to satisfy all of the above, and I think the time has arrived.

    The tune herein lightly references the Briefing and Descent Title Themes (in the intro and outtro respectively) but is otherwise a heavy rearrangement of Callisto Tower Colony (Level 12). Level 21 has an extremely similar feel to Level 12, but it is certainly its own track, and I consistently referenced Level 12 while building this arrangement. I do not diverge much rhythmically in the supporting parts (aside from the actual rhythm section) and did not change melodic elements a great deal, but the arrangement and instrumentation should speak for itself."
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Re: Descent Music Remix by cfx
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2011, 12:47:36 AM »
 :o :Jawdrop:

Wow, I have almost no words for this. This Remix is superb, extremely well-done and maybe I could dare to say that is the best remix of a Descent song I've listened to.

The quality of the arrangement is great and the new parts composed by cfx are refreshing and pretty well done! Great selection of sounds also, nice guitar parts and some nice synths here and there! (thumbs up for this)
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Re: Descent Music Remix by cfx
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2012, 02:20:17 AM »
HAVE I BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK?!?!?! All it would have took was for me to just SCROLL DOWN a little on the home page to find this gem, instead of going straight to "Show new replies to your posts." DAMN NATION! This is some spectacular remixing! I'm all for new perspectives on our beloved classics, and THIS FRIGGIN' NAILS IT!!! If only I had the ability to harness the ideas I have for all the Descent songs, I would GLADLY produce and put my mixes out there! That was NUTS! And THAT'S what I'm talking about!!!!!
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