Author Topic: Scout Squad I.D.10 T.'s first mission.  (Read 4465 times)

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Scout Squad I.D.10 T.'s first mission.
« on: August 15, 2009, 12:45:27 PM »
 My first MPD! Although, it isn't exactly an MPD since multiple characters are involved. The Navy color is a bit hard to see. I'll change that later on. There should me more colors!!! :'(

Location: Platet QR3-72, a planet similar to Mars back in the Local Cluster
Time: August 15, 20X5. Near Sun-down
Weather: Dry and arid

SS "I.D.10 T." had been deployed on their first mission and is returning to their only base on the desolate planet of QR3-72.

[Alright guys, due to Cron's expert navigation skills... we're lost.-Scout Truck driver]

[Awwww, don't blame me! It's not my fault that we have already put down roads and they arn't mapped out correctly!-Scout Clone C-88 (Cron)]

[Arg! You idiot! It is mapped! The map's upside down!-Scout Clone S-42 (Corr)]

[Ahh. Thanks!-Cron]

[Are you serious? You have not put down that datapad since we left the target. You have had it upside down the entire time! Now we are at a fork in the road! Where are we? Do we have sat uplink?-Scout Clone T-194(Rosh)]

[We only have about 40 SPI (Small Probe Intellegence) sats in orbit and you know they don't carry GPS equipment! I'll take a left. I think we might actually be heading in the right direction.-Driver]

[Cron, if you really did turn us about, you will become my personal bobble head!-Corr]

[Easy big guy. We're all brothers here.-Rosh]

[Well then it's time Cron and I have a BROTHERLY FIGHT!-Corr]

Corr and Cron start brawling, but nobody notices until too late, that they did go down the wrong road and were driving towards a giant canyon with the bridge out.

[Ohh sss... Guys! Strap in!-Driver]




[Ahhh jeez! Is is everyone ok?!?-Rosh

[Cron? YOU'RE MINE!-Corr]

[Hey! The driver's dead! How did that happen? Bonehead and I were out of our seats and yet the driver always dies, even in the movies. Well at least we are alive. Now how do we get out of he---- Ack! Corr!--- you are choaking me!-Cron]

[O RLY?!?!?-Corr]

[Put him down! That's an order!-Rosh


[Without pleasure, sir.-Corr]

[Good. Now, let's get into that near by cave. We need shelter. It's no use to climb out of this quarter mile deep hole at night. Now I think-...-Rosh]

All pause to watch a giant ant walk out of the cave, inspect the wreckage, and walk off around the corner of one of the tight canyon walls.


[Ummmmm... Cave, still?-Cron]

[We've got guns. We'll blast it if it comes close.-Corr]

[Wait. What's that sound! It's the ant! Guns ready!-Rosh]

The giant ant comes back aroung the corner screaming, but runs back inside the cave.

[t's- it's, it's! It'sit'sit's! It'ssssssszzzzzzzzzzzz!!!-Cron]

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Re: Scout Squad I.D.10 T.'s first mission.
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2009, 01:39:13 PM »
[ScoutInsanity: Sir, ship landing!]

[InsanityBrains: InsanityTech, get me a readout!]

[InsanityTech: Readout complete. Shields are not raised. The ship is manuvering right now like a blind monkey... or something]

[InsanityBrains: Excellent. It isn't worth our ammo. the crew's likely to kill itself off]

[InsanityGuns: Awww man, I was hoping to use my new s├╝permissile! It cost me 2589245986986 credits just to have it shipped from that other planet! :(]
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Re: Scout Squad I.D.10 T.'s first mission.
« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2009, 07:03:05 PM »

[Dammit, out with it, man!-Corr]

Oh! Ummm... I forgot what I was going to say...-Cron]

[It's Delta Squad!-Rosh]

Zero Commando Squad Delta is hear to rescue you.-Delta-38 "Boss"]

[I'll begin analyzing the data of the scout truck's black box.-Delta-40 "Fixer"]

[Wow, what a mess you guys have made.-Delta-62 "Scorch"]

[Hey, Corr, that ant ant gave you too much trouble while defending the truk?-Delta-07 "Sev"]

[Sev! You slimy Space Pirate! It was all due to Crons greaaaat sense of direction while staring at a map.-Corr]

[How'd you get mixed up with these bozos?-Sev]

[Uhh. Yeah, had a "weapons malfnction" and blew up the officers latriene.-Corr]

[Heh. How big was the explosion?-Sev]

[Cut the chatter you two. We need to figure a way out of here.-Boss]

[Wait, how did you find us in the first place? And how did you get down here?-Rosh]

[We were tracking you using the SPIs' GPS and we came right away.-Fixer]

[I thought SPIs didn't have GPS systems.-Rosh]

[Ever hear of a memo that mentioned a SPI 2.0? I hear that some memos are very boring, but they usually carry a loooot of helpful tips.-Scorch]

[We came down here via parachute.-Boss]


[...Ooooookay...we're back to square one.-Corr]

[HEY! What if we turn the planet upside down and parachute down to the top!-Cron]

All stare at Cron with squinted eyes.

[Oooorr we could just call for help.-Sev]

[How is that going to help? We are in a canyon and can't get a signal!-Rosh]

[Someone obviously has not read the memo in quite a looooong time.-Fixer]

[Comms opperate on hypersignals. They travel through subspace and get to their intended destination in a heartbeat. Even I know that. And I'm just the demolitions expert.-Scorch]

[Right. We'll make a call to Zero. He'll know what to do.-Boss]

Boss dials up their supreme leader, Zero.

[Hello? Zero here.-Zero]

[Sir, this is Delta-38. We're stuck on this Godforsaken rock and--.-Boss]

[Aha! Got'ya! This is only a recording! Leave a message after the beep!-Zero]

[I hate it when he sets his voicemail like that.-Boss]


[Where in the hell is the bloody beep?!?!-Boss]

[Aha! Got'ya again! It is me! What'd ya need?-Zero]

[Sir, we need-.-Boss]

[Damn I'm good! I got you again! This is still the recording! Be sure to leave you name and number so that I can jeer at you later!-Zero]


[Man thaat's just too good! Alright, what do you need three-eight?-Zero]

[Sir, I've got all of my squad and 3 survivors of a crash and we are all in a quarter mile deep canyon and we have no other means of extraction. And ummm... we parachuted in.-Boss]

[Hmmmm... Did you turn the planet upside down and para-.-Zero]


[Alright, alright. I'm close and I'm on my way.-Zero]

And Zero saves the day once again after bringing his Pyro-GX and came crashing down through the top of the canyon. Boulders were sent tumbling down, but fortunately missed the stranded. He ejected the GuideBot and stuffed everyone that he could into the GB bay. Unfortunately, there was no room for Cron, so Zero gave him directions to go back into the cave, take the first right, and follow the clearly marked exit signs and call a cab when he gets to the surface!

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