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Descent 3 Append
« on: March 10, 2011, 07:59:57 PM »
Descent 3 Append is a custom add-on I'm making to replace common Descent 3 weapons and assets with prettier versions.  It is meant to be a flexible package used by designers to add to their levels - not as a general mod to Descent 3 itself.  The final version would be a collection of categorized files for designers to pick through and append to their own creations at their discretion.  It's far from finished, but I was wondering if I was headed in the right direction with the whole thing.

The test level "arena" for it: ::Direct Download:: ::Indirect MediaFire Download:: (Append.zip, 2.6mb)

If you were curious enough to download it, please comment your opinion on the artstyle, performance impact it had on your system (mention whether you use Direct 3D or Open GL), and any bugs you found.  Thank you!

Have-Done List:
  • Created shield orb.
  • Created secondary powerups.
  • Created primary weapons.
To-Do List:
  • Create energy powerup.
  • Create secondary 4-pack models.
  • Create primary models.
  • Create HUD weapon selection graphics.
Bug-Glitch List:
  • 256x256 saturated textures display incorrectly with OpenGL.
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