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The Fivesome: Bio
« on: November 25, 2010, 10:25:28 PM »
The Fivesome was created when an unknown person's personality split so completely that the person physically split into at least five animal attibutes.  There could be more but these five only know about each other.  As each attribute has different parts of the the person's personality and they have developed from there into their own people with full personalities, they take on distinctly different roles in the group.


The leader of the Fivesome.  He doesn't say a lot but all the others look up to him and when he does say something they listen.  All this despite the fact that, as best as they can judge, Otterhawk is the second-youngest part of this total-split person.  He also tends to get separated from the rest of the group a lot, so they often have to make do without him.


The brains of the group.  He has a lot of creativity and an obvious cunning intelligence when it comes to some things, but he's absolutely clueless about others.  Sometimes its hard for him to make sense of what he's thinking.

[The N.I.P]

More brains, and also the only female member of the fivesome.  The N.I.P basically knows the things that FoxCannon doesn't, and is the only member of the group who really has common sense.  However, her species is so obscure even she doesn't know what she is.  An avid reader, she's slowly figuring her species out, but so far she's only found out that she may be some kind of civet cat or mongoose.  In terms of age she's in the middle of the group.


The inventor.  He's very good at designing and building obscure gadgets, though this is somewhat helped by the fact that as a raccoon, he's the only person in the fivesome who actually has hands.  He's not good at practical thinking though, and he's rather arrogant, which makes him rather annoying.  Though he's the oldest in the group, he tends to look up to all the other members because he really couldn't survive without them.  Xaph particularly admires FerretFire, though he'd never tell anyone and he doesn't really even know why he looks up to the youngest of the group.


The "fifth wheel" of the fivesome, FerretFire doesn't really have a purpose other than being small and young and rather vulnerable.  The other four often have to save him from certain doom, Xaph particularly.  FerretFire is more physically agile than any other in the group and is surprisingly smart, though you wouldn't know it from his ADHD.  He'll usually only be useful when the others least expect it.
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