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Member Groups and Permissions
« on: October 13, 2010, 04:13:49 PM »
Members may be placed in a group two ways.  Either by post count or by an admin.  Your member group is shown under your user-name in a post, under your custom title, if you have one.

Members begin as Bronze.
 To prevent spammers from uploading files, Bronze members cannot upload files to the gallery, the files section, nor can they attach files to a post.  There are a whole host of other permissions not given to Bronze members, for various reasons.

Upon attaining a post count of five,
a member is automatically placed in the Silver group. Silver group membership grants the user many permissions not afforded to the Bronze member.

Bronze members who are deemed to be trustworthy  (ie; not a spammer, troll or xgmx) may request to be advanced to Silver without having five posts.  In this case two member groups will be shown under your user-name, but you will be granted all the permissions of the Silver group.  Once you post five times, you will be in two Silver groups, once by post count, once by assignment.  No matter, but if an admin notices, he might remove you from the assigned Silver group so you don't have Silver twice under you user-name.

As you move up the ranks, additional privileges will be granted. For example a Gold member can use the mass up-loader for in the gallery, and Platinum member can move, remove or lock his own topics.

Commander: Administrator, Commander-In-Chief

Staff member groups are assigned by an admin, and are as follows:

Lt. Commander: Administrative Assistant. Currently held by Tech-Pro and WillyP.
Major: Global Moderator. D2Junkie holds this title.
Lieutenant: Board Moderator, not filled at this time.
PDPM: The Planet Descent Poll Moderator is NUMBERZero.
PotD Maintainer: DarcshadowFox is in charge of maintaining the Picture of the Day.
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