Author Topic: The *Junkies Seek Treatment  (Read 2148 times)

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The *Junkies Seek Treatment
« on: October 01, 2010, 02:44:46 PM »
[... How did we end up here, again? -Meat&Potatoes]

[Probably a rift in the space time continuum caused by unethical science experiments on radioactive substances by large, faceless pharmaceutical companies in the future. Or by taxi. -HopelessCynic]

[Unfortunate thing, having to give you an intravenous injection of valium like that, Meat&Potatoes. -SniperJunkie]

[Personally, I thought trying to strangle the driver was a slight overreaction to the double barrel roll we pulled off that park bench way back on 32nd street. -HopelessCynic]

[Well, this explains why I'm so groggy and why my left hand is perforated, bruised, and sore. But what I'd like to know is how we ended up here. You know, in the PD MPD clinic. -Meat&Potatoes]

[Seeking re-institutionalization. -SniperJunkie]

[And why on earth do we want that? -Meat&Potatoes]

[I'm a gangster platypus, yo. -@Random]

[... Right. To get rid of him. Do we really have to go through electroconvulsive therapy again? -Meat&Potatoes]

[I personally find the experience of receiving health insurance-funded, mechanically-induced seizures to be thoroughly pleasurable, and, in a word, enlightening. -SniperJunkie][/red]

[Then we can all go out for ice cream. And by "go out," I mean the go to the common area, and by  "ice cream," I mean blindfold and spin already-disoriented patients around and then tell them to find a room number that doesn't exist. -HopelessCynic]

[You spoil me, HopelessCynic. -SniperJunkie]
I, for one, hope this is much, much more than a reconnaissance mission.


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