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D1 and D2 Team Anarchy: Hunting Grounds
« on: November 14, 2013, 09:59:40 PM »
I meant to release more of my multiplayer levels back-to-back, but I didn't get to coordinate testing nights for a while so most of them have been put off after releasing Hole in the Sky.  But this one was made around the same time, and inspired by playing enough squad matches with the Red Dragons in DKH's "Blackout" map.  Verbal communication over Mumble is encouraged in this one, since custom texturing gave a unique name to help players identify every part of the level.  In the future, I might create more levels based around a similar idea, but for now, it's just one level, themed as a sort of moonbase or Zeta Aquilae installation depending on the game.

The Descent 2 version of the game also supports Hoard and Capture the Flag with two multi-cube goals.  The red goal is in the Fueling Core and the blue goal is in the Underhalls, not just for color-coding but because those areas saw the least amount of play in standard Anarchy testing, so depending on the mode you choose, the level can take on a very different look.  Enjoy! :)

Weapons loadout for the Descent 1 version:
-6 Quad Laser upgrades
-12 Laser level upgrades
-5 Vulcan Cannons
-3 Spreadfire Cannons
-4 Plasma Cannons
-3 Fusion Cannons
-12 Concussion Missiles
-2 Homing Missiles
-12 Proximity Mines
-5 Smart Missiles
-12,500 Vulcan Ammo rounds

Weapons loadout for the Descent 2 version:
-8 Afterburners
-6 Quad Laser upgrades
-6 Super Laser upgrades
-5 Gauss Cannons
-3 Spreadfire Cannons
-4 Plasma Cannons
-3 Fusion Cannons
-6 Flash Missiles
-5 Guided Missiles
-12 Proximity Mines
-5 Mercury Missiles
-4 Smart Missiles

D1 download link here:

D2 download link here:

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