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Hyperlinkese (NOTE: Doesn't view well with Christmas theme)
« on: December 20, 2009, 02:53:07 PM »
*wanders into MPD forum*

[Hmm, let's see, to get to the Soupe Du Jour forum, I have to...no that's not right...I think I'm lost...--Scyphi]

*Hears popping sound*

[What the...*looks around*--Scyphi]

[*standing beside him* Coconut.--RandomScyphi]

[AH! Who are you?--Scyphi]


[What do you mean, 'you'?--Scyphi]

[No, not me, I mean I'm you!--RandomScyphi]



[*suddenly appearing* He means to say that he's really you.--SmartScyphi]

[*Jumps* AH! Where did YOU come from?--Scyphi]

[From you.--RandomScyphi]

[Enough of that! Will one of you, or me, whatever, give me a straight answer here?--Scyphi]

[Certainly. You have wandered into the MPD forum, a frontier that hasn't been explored much here at PD.Net.--SmartScyphi]


[*suddenly appearing on otherside of him* M-P-D, Multiple Personality Disorder.--RandomScyphi]

[GAH! Stop it! Now answer the question!--Scyphi]

[I just did.--RandomScyphi]

[Oh. *pauses* What does that mean, though?--Scyphi]

[That you've got it.--RandomScyphi]

[I do?--Scyphi]

[While you're in this forum, yessir. See, the forum works by taking your multiple personality traits and recreates them as individual persons, each exhibitating that one trait.--SmartScyphi]

[OhhhKay, I think I get it. So you would be my smart side.--Scyphi]


[And you would be...*turns to RandomScyphi to see he's not there*...where'd he go?--Scyphi]

[*suddenly appears* Did you notice that I survived?--RandomScyphi]

[GAH! Stop that!--Scyphi]

[*ignores him* What are you talking about, Random?--SmartScyphi]

[That I survived. I'm the only one who didn't change.--RandomScyphi]

[Change from what?--SmartScyphi]

[From what we were before. Before we changed. See, all of you EXCEPT me was completely different on that other forum.--RandomScyphi]

[*annoyed* What other forum? This is the only forum we've ever been on!--SmartScyphi]

[How would you know? You weren't there! So logic your way out of THAT, Dr. McKay!--RandomScyphi]

[Hold it, hold it! So you say that this place creates versions of myself portraying just one of my personality traits?--Scyphi]

[That's right, it said so on the signs that are posted all around here. You saw them, right? The ones that say "Go back! Go back from where you came!" You didn't see those?--RandomScyphi]

[So...how many of you are going to turn up?--Scyphi]

[*suddenly appearing* As many as needed, DUH!--EvilScyphi]

[GAH! You would all STOP THAT? Now who are you?--Scyphi]

[I'm your evil side.--EvilScyphi]

[Hence why he carries the Thompson submachinegun.--SmartScyphi]

[Don't go anywhere without ol' Bessy *pats gun*.--EvilScyphi]

[*Suddenly appears* Hey, what are the odds that he WILL go somewhere without his gun?--RandomScyphi]

[GAH! Stop it!--Scyphi]

[Only about three percent possibility, so the odds are real slim.--SmartScyphi]

[Wow, you calculated all of that in your head? You must be really good at math.--Scyphi]

[Must I remind you that I'm really you?--SmartScyphi]

[Oh yeah. Well, then, that can't be.--Scyphi]

[Why? What's the problem?--SmartScyphi]

[Only the fact that I'm really TERRIBLE at math.--Scyphi]

[I resent that! Everybody has a part of them that's good at math!--SmartScyphi]

[If that were true, you'd be smaller.--Scyphi]

[...  :-\ --SmartScyphi]

[*suddenly appears* At least he's smarter than me. I don't even know where I am half the time.--StupidScyphi]

[GAH! Would you...!--Scyphi]

[Hey! I thought I was going to be the only survivor!--RandomScyphi]

[Survivor of what?--StupidScyphi]

[*poetically* Survivor of that great and dreadful electronic holocaust where everyone but us two were whiped from existence and new versions were born from their remains! *pauses, then glances at StupidScyphi* You mean you don't remember that?--RandomScyphi]

[What were we talking about? I was too busy noting that there are a lot of lines in this post already to pay attention.--StupidScyphi]

[*put out*...Never mind.--RandomScyphi]

[Okay. *turns around and walks into a lamppost that wasn't there a second ago* OW!--StupidScyphi]

[*looking around* Y'know, I bet it wouldn't be that hard to take over this forum and become it's dominating ruler. I'll bet that by this time tomorrow I could have this place under my total control, forcing all of it's members to post useless text messages to amuse me while they sip chocolate milk! Mwahahahaha!--EvilScyphi]

[Why chocolate milk?--SmartScyphi]

[Because I like chocolate milk.--EvilScyphi]

[That's not very evil.--SmartScyphi]

[You want me to shoot you?--EvilScyphi]

[All right, all right, I get how this all works, and you're all here now. Now how do I get RID of you?--Scyphi]

[To answer the question, 'we' can't go anywhere so long as YOU are still here.--SmartScyphi]

[Oh, well, that's easily fixed. *turns to leave*--Scyphi]

[*Appears in front of him* You can't!--RandomScyphi]

[GAH! *bites back anger remarks for a moment* Why not?--Scyphi]

[You can't just leave once you've come in here!--RandomScyphi]

[Watch me!*pushes past him*--Scyphi]

[Don't! Or I'll get REALLY annoying!--RandomScyphi]

[You wouldn't!--Scyphi]

[*singing* Ohhhh, I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, ba-a-dum-da, and there they are, standing in a row! Small ones, large ones, some the size of your head!--RandomScyphi]

[Ack! No! Stop! I...we...can't sing! *covers ears*--Scyphi]

[Oh, c'mon! There are far worse things I could be singing!--RandomScyphi]

[Like what?--EvilScyphi]

[*singing* It's a small worrrrld, after alllll!--RandomScyphi]

[GAH! Now THAT'S evil!--EvilScyphi]

[Ooh! I got a better one! I could sing the song found at this link!--RandomScyphi]

[WOW! How did you do that?--StupidScyphi]

[Do what?--RandomScyphi]

[What you did three lines ago!--StupidScyphi]

[*rereads post* Oh you mean the link?--RandomScyphi]

[*nods excitedly*--StupidScyphi]

[Simple. I can speak Hyperlinkese.--RandomScyphi]

[Oooooh! Can you teach me?--StupidScyphi]

[It's easy if you format your codes correctly.--SmartScyphi]

[I'll even do it again! Click on this link!--RandomScyphi]

[Ooh! Again!--StupidScyphi]

[Click on this link!--RandomScyphi]


[No, I'm tired of mentioning the link. Let's do something else.--RandomScyphi]

[Like me getting away? *Sneaks towards exit*--Scyphi]

[Ack! Oh no you don't! *grabs Scyphi's leg*--RandomScyphi]

[Hey! Leggo!--Scyphi]

[Oh PLEASE don't leave us! I don't want to be alone!--RandomScyphi]

[I gotta get out of here!--Scyphi]

*Heads for exit at ludicrous speeds*
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Re: Hyperlinkese (NOTE: Doesn't view well with Christmas theme)
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2009, 04:20:57 PM »
[Hmm, what is this post about? -S13driftAZ]

[What the heck? Who in the right mind would write a post this long?! Idiot! -EvilS13driftAZ]

[I hope ppl will laugh at my post cuz I never dun this MPD thing b4 ROFL -StupidS13driftAZ]

[i liek teh play descent cuz itz fun -SmartS13driftAZ]

*clicks post button*

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Re: Hyperlinkese (NOTE: Doesn't view well with Christmas theme)
« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2009, 07:37:38 PM »
* SillyWilly  is just happy to see his favorite badgers again

* SillyWilly  spins off his chair with orgasmic glee

* ReallyWilly rolls eyes

[Post that link again and I'll beat you with a rubber chicken --ReallyWilly]
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Re: Hyperlinkese (NOTE: Doesn't view well with Christmas theme)
« Reply #3 on: December 20, 2009, 08:24:49 PM »
I *seriously* miss PD.com's unified theme for MPD. Oh well

[BrainlessInsanity:I no get it...]

[InsanityBrains: Just... shut.. up.. I have a serious brainache right now]

[InsanityZombie: Braiiiiiiiinnnnnnnssssssssss......]
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Re: Hyperlinkese (NOTE: Doesn't view well with Christmas theme)
« Reply #4 on: January 06, 2010, 07:30:01 PM »



Smart people look like crazy people to stupid people.


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