Author Topic: Optimal joystick mapping? Here is mine, any suggestions? New Rebirth X1 X2 user.  (Read 826 times)

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Wanted to reach out to the community for optimal controller joystick mapping in Descent Rebirth DX1 and DX2 on a Windows 10 Box.  I am using an Xbox controller.  Please see attached and below.  I have googled some of the below question and did not see any recent information; so apologies if I missed some of the below answers.

1) Had a question on the Axes Section of Joystick Setup.  May I what the correct setting should be of that section?
2) What do I need to set the joystick deadzone to the bottom option in the controller settings?
3) My setup is attached.  May I ask what I am missing or should be changed ?  Or what have others found to be better Xbox controller mapping?
4) Anyone have a diagram of the Xbox Controller button names in rebirth and a what buttons on the joystick they map to?  Or at least the workflow / naming convention of button names on the Xbox controller to button names within Rebirth?

Left stick:
Vertical   =Move forwards/backwards
Horizontal   =Slide Left/Right

Right stick:
Vertical    =Turn up/down
Horizontal    =Turn left/right
Press right stick =flares

R/L Triggers (select inverted) = banking
LB = Fire Secondary weapon (missiles)
RB = Fire Primary weapon

Y = Change Primary weapon
X = Change Secondary weapon
A = Slide up
B = Slide down


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