Author Topic: Is the D3 secret level, Origin Zero a 'big lipped alligator moment'?  (Read 3409 times)

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let me explain the meaning of 'Big Lipped Alligator Moments'-  It named after a scene of a random musical number sung by a Big Lipped Alligator from All Dogs Go To Heaven;  It's something or a scene that came out of nowhere, little to no bearings to the plot whatsoever, over the top ridiculous (even in contrast of the media), and afterwards, no one spoke of it again.

Anyways does it qualify as one?
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Re: Is the D3 secret level, Origin Zero a 'big lipped alligator moment'?
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2021, 05:58:45 AM »
Well, I know it was basically a self-isolated level that, no, didn't have any bearing on the plot, but then neither did D3's second secret level. Or for that matter, any of D1's or D2's secret levels, really. Usually secret levels (at least from that day and age) were isolated from the events of the rest of the game, probably on the thinking that, since they were secret, there wasn't guarantees that every player would actually find them and play them. So I'd say they're more just fun bonuses to play if you do find them.

As for Origin Zero specifically, a popular theory I've seen is that the level is composed of scrapped material and scripting the team had at one point experimented with during development but ultimately didn't make it into the final game, so they recycled it and strung it together into a loosely logical level format for Origin Zero, likely just for the heck of it. It could also be a recycled/repurposed test level altogether.
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