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[D2 Singleplayer / Co-op] Ulterior Ultima Thule
« on: January 17, 2020, 04:55:53 AM »
This is a new 23+3 level set for Descent 2 (Vertigo) half a year in the making. The level design is all by yours truly, and included is a fully custom soundtrack with 18+1 tracks by 4 different artists (Vertigo Fox, who goes by Kaiaatzl on these forums and was also the soundtrack coordinator; Sdogga Man, REDWITCH and Phozon).

For technical reasons, the level set comes in three different versions. Make sure to read the README carefully in order to pick the correct version, or just go with the D2X version. The REBIRTH version in particular will cause crashes if you don't use a new enough version of Rebirth to play it (see below).

Current version: v1.0.5 (2020-01-07)

The mission download is here (.7z files can be opened with 7-Zip, p7zip and perhaps some other tools):
MEGA (.7z): https://mega.nz/#!MIU1lK6A!GcQwGj616bmap20GCPrOg_zw8y2xD1c5-w_WMIhu3GU

DMDB does not allow .7z files, and .zip files are just too large to fit (DMDB file size limit is 70 MB), so I had to instead put the .7z inside a .zip. This makes the DMDB download fairly unwieldy, but here it is anyway:
DMDB (.7z inside .zip): https://www.enspiar.com/dmdb/viewMission.php?id=1765

Note that the REBIRTH version is really the definitive version of this level set - it comes with custom sound effects (more specifically just a copy of UUD2SP version 1.4 by Xfing that restores some of the correct D1 sounds for a better experience) and D1-like exit sequences. Weekly builds of DXX-Rebirth include the necessary patch to play the REBIRTH version; make sure to get the newest version at https://www.dxx-rebirth.com/download-dxx-rebirth/.

I will attach some screenshots.
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