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Finally Descent 3 and D2X-XL in 3d Vision Nvidia
« on: November 15, 2017, 01:52:08 PM »
Finally Descent 3 and D2X-XL in 3d Vision Nvidia, Hooray! Big thanks to Stryker_66, an user of Nvidia 3D Vision forums and the legendary Helifax the author of awesome OpenGL3DVision Wrapper, here the instructions to tweak the game:

1.) Since Descent can use different renderers, I enabled all three in the Descent 3 setup, but using the D3D Renderer.

2.) Simply drop DDraw.dll & D3DImm.dll into the Descent 3 directory and download Nvidia Inspector: http://nvidia-inspector.en.lo4d.com

3.) I set the game up before I used the dlls and I also deleted the Descent 3 profile using nvidiaProfileInspector.exe. This will unlock convergence.
Go to this link for your resolution settings, there is a command line you can use

4.) Start Descent 3

5.) You can then Ctrl + T to enable 3D Vision and adjust your depth and convergence. I just played the training mission and everything seems fine. I have not tried any tweaks or mods but will explore that to improve the graphic fidelity. This game is a classic and because of the 3 dimensional space, this game is a great candidate to be played in 3D.

Of course the requirements for 3D Vision are the glasses and a 120-hz 3d vision ready monitor, or you can use the 3D Vision Discover mode with a pair of Red/Cyan anaglyph glasses if you have a normal Lcd monitor 60-hz

For D2X-XL in 3D Vision download this wrapper OpenGL3DVision Wrapper v.6.12 here http://3dsurroundgaming.com/OGL3DVision.html
extract the contents of the x86 directory in the D2X-XL main directory and open with notepad the file 3DVisionWrapper.ini and in the line of LegacyMode replace the word false with true.

Enable stereoscopic 3d in the Nvidia control panel if if you have not already done so.
Launch the game and play in 3d stereo D2X-XL

Prepare for Descent in 3D yeah!  :)

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Re: Finally Descent 3 in 3d Vision Nvidia
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If after you have launched Descent 3, you get a smaller size screen or with black bars press the button next to backspace (+) on US keyboards, or ( ì ) to zoom in.


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