Author Topic: Insane no death no save runs for Descent 2 : Lost Levels and Enemy Vignettes  (Read 2183 times)

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I just started to upload my Insane difficulty runs of two great D2 missions,
Enemy Vignettes (which is Descent 1 Vignettes by DarkFlameWolf retextured and restaffed by Matt Naphta with TEW robots+bosses and D2 powerups):
Lost Levels for D2 (by DarkFlameWolf):
I rate both missions amongst the best D2 campaigns on-par with TEW, Obsidian, and Vertigo. Still both have no Нoutube playthroughs on above-Hotshot difficulty (and EV has no vids at all). For now only 3 levels are uploaded for both; however all levels are already recorded and I plan to upload regularly.

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  • Deal with it.

I only recently cleared D1 on Hotshot (while save-scumming in spots) and thought that was an achievement... I was wrong  :P

Looking forward to watching some of these.
I, for one, hope this is much, much more than a reconnaissance mission.

Offline Alexander Borisov

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Two more missions uploaded (all Insane no-save no-death)
Obsidian (15 levls + 3 secret levels + 7 bosses), Ellusion (level design by Sirius and Darkhorse) - uploaded 6/18
Plutonian Shores Demo (11 levels, 2 bosses, will be more than 30 levels in full version to come) - uploaded 100%
and 100% Insane cold-starts for Counterstrike difficult levels (uploaded 8 levels, more to come)

Offline Alexander Borisov

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BTW I am now uploading Insane no death no save walkthrough of Apocalyptic Factor. With all important secrets shown. Hope you enjoy this most difficult mission, I consider it a summit of difficulty and classic level design, and selected very good music for it, too! Now 4 levels uploaded.
Four boss levels (2,3,5,7) recorded in two parts (the level itself and the boss part), because level 3 is incredibly difficult, and the other level's bosses are extremely hard to beat.

Also for ones who missed it, Orion Nebula Project for D2 is uploaded (very interesting mission, for it's level design and challenging gameplay, despite only D1 robots and weapons)

And also Encounter at Farpoint 2, another nice mission, with very deadly robots and "survival puzzle" style gameplay. Also I played it because of original level design and good music

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Hi, Alexander.

I'm the author of Orion Nebula Project, Level 1.  Thank you for posting your run of the level.  Very nice!

What software are you running for Descent 2?  What OS?  I haven't played it for a while.

Mike Sunderman

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Mike, welcome to Planet Descent!

Alexander, great videos!
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I thought it was an accomplishment just beating the game on easy with cheats  ;D

very good!


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