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Re: My contribution to newbie Descenters...
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Back stories? Like what kind of back stories? What more is there to tell that's not already given in the mission briefings?

Similar to what is in the mission briefings. They include specifications of bots that are not described in the briefings. I have not reviewed them at length. There will most likely be discrepancies from the briefings. For example in-game PTMC is the Post Terran Minerals Corporation while in the guide (and elsewhere) it is the Post Terran Mining Corporation. Also in the guides initial briefing the ship is identified as a Pyro-Gk. I am assuming this is a typo that was missed in proofing, but you never know.
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Re: My contribution to newbie Descenters...
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IIRC, most of those old Prima and BradyGames guides were mostly written from pre-release builds and developer notes. Thus, they were notorious for having incomplete or downright wrong information written.

EDIT: I laughed at the whole "kill the monster" line. Chances are, if the player is reading that, they're interested in knowing just *how* to kill it.

They could have condensed that information into: "Level 27: Beat level.  You win!" and it wouldn't have been less informative. :P
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I, for one, hope this is much, much more than a reconnaissance mission.


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