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Circular Logic is out!!!
« on: April 24, 2015, 06:51:41 PM »
Some nebulous slithery electronic songs from one of the guys who'll be writing music for Sol Contingency!
Circular Logic is a twistedly dark electronic odyssey where future and past collide with a strange creature fighting for his life in the middle of it all.  Want to know what that nebulous yet somehow pretentious advertisement-y sentence actually means?  Well download the music and find out! :P

Also great to play in the background for video game atmosphere even with the vocals, so you could put this on if you get tired of the songs in Proving Grounds. :D  Just kidding, Verran's songs are pretty awesome.  But so are these, is my point.

You should check this out especially if you like the style of music that was used for Descent, a lot of the influences here are very similar if not always exactly the same.

And yes I really like the word nebulous.  It describes me pretty well, after all. :P

Also, the artwork is by Isaac from the DBB, I think he did a great job. :D
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