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D1 and D2 Anarchy Set: The Duellists
« on: April 26, 2014, 02:44:39 AM »
Not a lot of multiplayer level sets are out there, but about a month ago I had an idea to add one more to the list of choices after understanding how sets like The Manes better suit larger games when the weapons from one level are carried over into the next.  I ended up combining this discovery with my increased interest in 1v1 levels, and the result was the concept behind this six-level anarchy pack, compatible in either D1 or D2.  The D1 version has more consistent weapons loadouts across levels, where the D2 version gradually adds in more powerful weapons to the point of including the "Uber" weapons in what are hopefully somewhat balanced environments.  Give them a look either way, and see what level layout suits you best!

D1 download link here:

D2 download link here:

Info on each individual level, including overviews on layout and unconventional weapons loadouts:

Level 1: "Edgecrusher"
Although several areas have unique architecture that can be useful for camping, it is the central dogfighting room and its many viewpoints that control the flow of gameplay in this level.  The Descent 2 version only contains D1-derived primaries (no Gauss, no Super Lasers, etc.), with a couple Flash Missiles, Guided Missiles, Smart Missiles and Proximity Mines added in.

Level 2: "Relentless"
A compact level design which is exactly as fast and frenetic as its name implies.  The action never lets up, and because of all the exposed viewing areas, neither player will be safe for very long.  The Descent 2 version gives up the previous level's regular Laser upgrades, Flash Missiles and Guided Missiles in favor of Super Lasers, Homing Missiles and Mercury Missiles.

Level 3: "Ember to Inferno"
Dogfighting areas in this level do not have an overwhelming number of long sight lines, balancing out the emphasis on long-range weapons within the level's loadouts.  This is one of only two levels in the D2 set to include the Gauss Cannon, which you can use along with the newly added Energy-to-Shield Converter to really dominate your opponent.

Level 4: "War Ensemble"
Short but wide hallways surround the central dogfighting room, but the wider spaces contrast with the level's emphasis on slower, more heavy-hitting guns.  The Descent 1 version lacks Vulcan and Spreadfire Cannons, where the Descent 2 version includes both Spreadfire and Helix, but neither Vulcan nor Gauss in its arsenal.

Level 5: "Explosia"
Although inspired mainly by levels such as Take2 which tend to favor tunnel-ratters, this one may turn out to play somewhat slower.  You can reach maximum capacity for Smart Missiles in the Descent 1 version, where the Descent 2 version instead focuses on other tricky weapons such as the Guided Missiles, Phoenix Cannon and a single four-pack of Smart Mines.

Level 6: "Here and Beyond"
The main emphasis of this level is dogfighting, but it calls for the player to master both short- and long-range assault.  Accordingly, the main weapons in this map are the Fusion and Vulcan Cannons in Descent 1, or the Omega and Gauss Cannons in Descent 2; Lasers exist as an alternative, but it is mastery of those exclusively different ranged weapons that wins a match here.
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