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D1 Anarchy: Hybrids of Steel
« on: May 17, 2013, 09:31:04 AM »
Yet another new multiplayer level, this time with a bit more of a vertical element to it.  It follows the "three areas with connectors" style of Crypts of Eternity, but with more intricate grated-off detail as eye-candy for those of you who pay attention to it. :) This one follows a somewhat techy theme, with mostly green/organic/Puuma Sphere-like flavoring so the level should look something like a cargo depot or base in a partly natural environment.  It's a little more angular than my last couple offerings, but that shouldn't be too disruptive to the level flow.  Very compact and good for three or four players.  Custom MIDI music from Doom II, and custom textures provided by Blarget.

Weapons loadout for the level:
-4 Quad Laser upgrades
-8 Laser level upgrades
-3 Vulcan Cannons
-2 Spreadfire Cannons
-4 Plasma Cannons
-2 Fusion Cannons
-8 Concussion Missiles
-4 Homing Missiles
-12 Proximity Mines
-5 Smart Missiles
-7500 Vulcan Ammo rounds

Download the level here:

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