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D2 Anarchy: Equally Destructive
« on: March 10, 2013, 09:25:39 PM »
This one was actually pretty quick to pull together, at least by my standards.  I must've spent only four or five hours creating this level, which took equal parts of inspiration from Level 16 of Vertigo for the texturing and Gengi's Firefall map for the structure.  And by now, you can probably tell what kind of texture schemes I like. :P

The composition took a bit of a logical progression from my last two levels, so now there are no separating doors except for the one blocking off the reactor room above the main area.  So all the dogfighting would really just take place in one huge (but generously detailed) cylindrical room with a few pillars and barriers to dodge around.  I was also much more liberal with Descent 2 weaponry that would be rebalanced with the same promod I used in Crossfire Canyon, and it will reappear in any other D2 levels I create, so better to adjust to it now than when my single player mission is released.  This level's definitely more oriented towards non-scored games, however, but it's probably big enough for an interesting Rangers scored game with just the three Shaker Missiles and the one Cloaking Device taken out.  Grab a friend (or five or six) and let the madness begin!

D2 download link here:

And a separate version of the weapons mod, created by Blarget and JinX with my direction. You're free to replace the default D2 .HAM with this file in the main Rebirth folder, just make sure to back up the original!

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