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D1 and D2 Anarchy: Crossfire Canyon
« on: March 01, 2013, 12:42:57 AM »
Second multiplayer offering, this time in two variants.  It was originally only a Descent 1 level, but it was just screaming for Afterburners and Mercury Missiles so I had to create a D2 variant.  Crossfire Canyon is a hot desert level with Descent 2 textures in both variants, and actually gets its name from the lava pool formation when the map is viewed from above in the editor.  Unlike my first level, Estuary Drought, Crossfire Canyon was instead built with much larger crowds of players in mind and the weapons were placed to suit roughly six players duking it out all at once.  There are no secret areas, but you might need to take a bit of a risk to go after the strongest powerups, especially the Mega Missiles.

The weapon placement in the Descent 2 version might strike you as odd at first, especially since I included plenty of weapons that normally do not show up in all that many D2 anarchy levels.  But the weapons are also going to feel a little different to you there, because I got Blarget2 and Jihnsius to mod most of them just enough to balance out the entire selection for both single- and multiplayer modes.  The idea is that each weapon should now be either well-rounded and average, or excellent in only a select few situations, with no real game-breakers (except, of course, for the Shaker Missile- no sense in trying to balance that! :lol:). Some of the values might be a little off, so consider this level my beta test for the promod, which I'm also planning to include in my upcoming second single player mission.

Special thanks to Blarget2 and Jihnsius for the weapon mod, thanks to the Descent Rangers who helped me test out this level before its release, and thanks to MD-1224 for helping me work around a Rebirth issue with the screenshots. :)

D1 mission download link here:

D2 mission download link here:

And finally, a separate version of the weapons mod.  You're free to replace the default D2 .HAM with this file in the main Rebirth folder, just make sure to back up the original!

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