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[Ur doing it wrong! :P -SarcasmCli]
« on: February 10, 2013, 04:36:48 PM »

[Sigh.  Look at all these n00bs around us. -MDCli]

[It makes me want to soak them all in purple Koolaid and shout, "Tri-fusion! You'll LIKE it!" -FusionCli]

[THAT was a good pun. :P -SarcasmCli]

[Thanks! :) -FusionCli]

[You really get sarcasm, don't you. :P -SarcasmCli]

[Huh? -FusionCli]

[Oh geez.  All these years, and you're still as dense as a black hole! -MDCli]

[Hey, don't make me open up a can of whoopass on you! -FusionCli]

[Ooo, big words from Mr. bi... -MDCli]

[HEY!  Hey everyone!  I have a huge announcement to make! -ITCli]

[Oh geez, what now? -FusionCli]

[You've found a way for my MD to reload faster? :O -MDCli]

[You found a way to improve FusionCli's intelligence? :P -SarcasmCli]

[You've found a hot guy to hook me up with? :D -FragCli]

[... -FusionCli]

[... -MDCli]

[... -SarcasmCli]

[No, you retards.  This is much more important.  A discovery of mass proportions! -ITCli]

["Mass" proportions?  I must know! -MDCli]

[Spare us the suspense.  What is it? -FusionCli]

[Ok!  *ahem*  MDCli is, in roman numerals, one thousand, six hundred, and fifty-one. -ITCli]

[Brilliant! :P -SarcasmCli]

[They pay you to do this? -FusionCli]

[/me targets ITCli for Mass Destruction! -MDCli]


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