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Quicksand Quarry
« on: April 14, 2012, 06:54:46 PM »
A bit of an experiment for me, because unfortunately, I haven't really done a lot of multiplayer to date.  As a result, I mostly built this level using the examples of high-rated multiplayer levels as a rule of thumb... I could use a little help figuring out if it actually plays well.


The weapons are rather sparing, and I'm not sure if I got the balance down.  The most powerful weapons on the map:

- 1 Gauss Cannon
- 2 Helix Cannons
- 1 Cloaking Device
- 4 Smart Mines
- 6 Smart Missiles
- 3 Mega Missiles

Some, however, are locked up.  There a couple switches in the level which I hope won't be distracting in the middle of a firefight.  The level is very earthy in terms of design— not a fiery level, just earth-themed— and was made to support four players, although spots for another two may be added if it wouldn't seem too cramped.  I'd really like advice with the weapons layout and design choices, as I said, since I'm not sure if it's completely balanced or flows well in an anarchy game. ^^; I'd encourage people who liked "The Outer Reaches" to check it out as well, though... Consider it a sneak peek at another project. ;)
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