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Descent- Maximum


Descent- Maximum Anarchy

brought to you by Jeff250
originally by Parallax Software

Descent- Maximum was a game originally released for the Playstation.
Although its similarities to Descent 2 were striking, it did feature unique
levels, although generally smaller and simpler.  The 24 level (plus 6 secret
level) campaign was intended to parallel the same Descent 2 plot, although
movies and such could not be implemented in this PC version of the game due to
limitations with custom campaigns.  Likewise, Descent- Maximum also included a
6 level anarchy campaign for one on one action.

After out-of-curiosity purchasing Descent- Maximum (despite the fact I didn't
own a Playstation), I wondered if it were possible to bring the same levels
to PC.  I noticed that, like all other Descent's, this one also included a Hog
file, but, unfortunately, this one was not like others in format.  Fortunately,
the format was easy enough to figure out, and I wrote a small program to
extract the contents.  I made with them what I could, and what is included in
this zip is the product of my endeavors, the PC campaign of Descent- Maximum.

Other modifications I performed are as follows:
 * Added 2 (up to 4-- max) coop players in the Descent- Maximum single player
 * Added 6 (up to 8-- max) anarchy players in the Descent- Maximum Anarchy
 * Added custom briefing interplay to simulate the original experience

This Descent- Maximum port has been tested on the DOS Descent2 exe, the
Win95 Descent2 exe, and D2x 1.3.27.  Although no problems are known, they may
exist, and I am not responsible for any harm that may come to anything as a


--- Jeff250

(from the read-me included)