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WindMine VI  Hidden Worlds  Defcon1  version 1.0

Copyright(c) Ron Lester ( )Free to distribute

Single level play 

Chapter 6  WindMine VI -Defcon1-  Final Chapter of the WindMine Series
e.g. ver1.0
This level is the sixth and final chapter of the WindMine Saga. ( WindMine, and WindMine Forbidden Area being the first two chapters ) ( WindMine StarGate being the third and WindMine Secret Planet and Hidden Worlds being the fourth and fifth ]

In this Final Mission ,you will have to find fuel and fuses for 5 ships loaded with nuclear weapons that will destroy the planet Kyle.. You have have to launch all five ships also.
You will need to rescue some Nuclear Scientist also.

This is a very large mine again, and there are plenty of bots to war against before you reach your goals.

The Guidebot will take you to all the goals if you use him correctly. 
After sending him to a goal, he will go to sub goal routes, and sometimes report he is at the goal. When you reach that place, command him again to go to the rest of the goal. He is very good in this level to get you where you want but you have to ask him.

The Rockets are shielded so don't ever run into one. It will kill you !

The subway trains will kill you on contact too!

You have to be FAST  in the subways and use your AFTERBURNER often! There are 3 subway systems in this level!

Reminder note: If you are not familiar with custom textures then you should understand that this level has a few custom textures( ( 4 or 5 ), and when restoring a saved game, be sure that you have the level started before you restore a saved game. 

Ron Lester