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WindMine V  Hidden Worlds version 1.0

Copyright(c) Ron Lester ( )Free to distribute

Single level play 

Chapter 5
e.g. ver1.0
If you like lots of Action, then this level provides all you will probably want to handle.
This level is the fifth part of the WindMine Saga. ( WindMine, and WindMine Forbidden Area being the first two chapters ) ( WindMine StarGate being the third and WindMine Secret Planet being the fourth ]
After finding the Data Cartridges in the secret area of WindMine , and on the Secret Planet.,  scientist have developed a new StarGate. The StarGate creates an artificial black hole to allow space in two different parts of the universe to exist in the same place for a short period of time. In other words space is folded and meets at point 0, which allows a ship or ships to travel from one part of the universe to another by simply entering into the StarGate. This effect only last a few seconds and can only be done safely,  if there is another gate or destination point to travel to. The original StarGates were built in  different part of the universe, by sending bots to certain planets from one side, without another gate on the other end( which is too dangerous for humans ) , and having them to build another gate,  so ships could travel to and from the location. Some of those bot got infected with a computer virus, and are now using the Gates to war against their creators.
Using a StarGate seems to be the most logical way to travel the universe, because faster than light travel is impossible. Nothing can travel faster than light.
This way you can reach a destination much faster than if you were to travel at the speed of light. Some of these worlds would take thousands of years to reach, even if you could build a ship to travel at the speed of light.

In this Mission , you will have to destroy some cloaking devices, used to hide ships while and after they travel the StarGates.

You will have to destroy some already prepared  war ships. 
The Destroyer is very powerful, but can be destroyed if you just don't get hit by its megas.
This Tanker is Armed, and don't fool yourself; it is deadly if you are in its sights.

There is one bot called the Impactor94 that is very deadly and hard to kill. Stay away from it; you will probably have to hit it , then run like crazy to get your distance, and then use the mass driver or megas to kill it from a distance. Better have the super lasor with you too.
 It ( or they ) fire impact mortars, and believe me, they will blow you up fast ,if you are anywhere near to them.  It is very fast so you will probably have to use your afterburner a lot. I could have made it more powerful, but you will have your hands full.

You will have to rescue some team members that were captured during a previous attempt to disarm these bots.
You will also need to destroy the mine by destroying the reactor; the unstable gases in the planets atmosphere will do the rest to rid the planet of any hidden bots that you don't destroy.
Also of course you will have to get back home.

I have scripted this particular level to where you respawn after you are destroyed, in the same place you were destroyed,  instead of at the beginning of the level. I did this because having to fly all the way back to where you were killed to get your powerups takes a lot of time in a large mine. It seems to work much better this way.  I didn't use waypoints but rather one invisible powerup to do it with. It works outside also.

Just remember if you were fighing some mean bot, he will probably still be there when you respawn, so beware, and get ready to rumble.

I put in one extra life,  if you want to play from beginning to end , and are one of those people that doesn't like to save the game every 10 minutes.
It wasn't easy , but with an extra life, and respawning where you get destroyed, I can make it through without losing intrest, but then I know what to expect. Just remember to run from the Impactor94, and make sure you have something powerful to shoot back at him.
List of Music played during this level
1. Music piece from StarShip Troopers
2. Parts from Rainbow Demon Album by Uriah Heep
3. Parts of All along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix
4. Parts of Levee break by Led Zeplin
5.  March to Doom and a battle song which I call Triad 
6. Parts of Zion from Matrix Reloaded

I wanted to put in a lot more music but this made the level far too big.
I had to take out a number of bots because the level was getting too big, but there are more than enough. There are almost 300 of them, in this level.

Reminder note: If you are not familiar with custom textures then you should understand that this level has a few custom textures( ( 4 or 5 ), and when restoring a saved game, be sure that you have the level started before you restore a saved game. Also there are a few custom bots, and they can present a problem too, if you don't restore the saved game after the level has been loaded. 
As long as the level is started,  then the game should restore properly, and if you resave your progress after reloading, then you should be able to exit properly.
I have checked for any errors in the gam file, and the mn3  and can find none, so it is probably d3 and anything custom again.
If anyone ever ever finds a solution to this annoying problem,  then please have it posted on gameedit or the dbb.

Ron Lester

Ron Lester