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WindMine StarGate version 1.0

Copyright(c) Ron Lester ( )Free to distribute

Single level play 

Chapter 3
e.g. ver1.0
This level is the third part of the WindMine Saga. ( WindMine, and WindMine Forbidden Area being the first two chapters )  After destroying the reactor in the forbidden area, you teleport back into the windmine to find it has been damaged also, and there is no way out the way you came in the beginning.

Your mission is to investigate a rebel group that is using a hidden part of the mine to do a secret stargate project. They have set up a base on a secret planet at the edge of the known universe. This could be very dangerous, because they could launch secret attacks at any time and hide on the secret planet. They could even wipe out all human kind from there. Two agents were sent to investage but were killed. You will need to pick up data cartridges and the black box to their ships. One is on earth and the other is on the secret planet.
You will have to find your way back home . There is plenty of fighting to get it done.

The fourth chapter is Secret Planet.

These levels were too large to combine, so I split them into two different chapters.

Reminder note: If you are not familiar with custom textures then you should understand that this level has a few custom textures( ( maybe 25 ), and when restoring a saved game, be sure that you have the level started before you restore a saved game. 
As long as the level is started,  then the game will restore properly.
Their is another way to restore a saved game and get the custom textures, and that would be to first restore the game and then use alt f3 and restore it again. The custom textures will show up the second time. The D3 bug doesn't allow the custom textures to load the first time when restored from the main menu.

Thanks to Solrazor for telling me all the things he didn't like in the Beta version. I redid a lot of it, and made it a bit more interesting.

Ron Lester