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Copyright(c) Ron Lester ( )Free for all to play 

Single level play only

e.g. ver 1.0

A few custom robots, saucers etc... custom sounds, and custom textures are in this level.

Pretty large level, with a lot of action.
You have to really move around and use your head to keep from getting blown up in this one.
Good Idea to save your game alot.
I have played this level a number of times, and I stayed busy trying not to get blown up by some of these custom bots. They all pretty well have powerful weapons, and either stay away from them or make sure you have some powerful powerups with you.

Special note: If you are not familiar with custom textures then you should understand that this level has a few custom textures, and when restoring a saved game, be sure that you have the level started before you restore a saved game. 
As long as the level is started,  then the game will restore properly.
Their is another way to restore a saved game and get the custom textures, and that would be to first restore the game and then use alt f3 and restore it again. The custom textures will show up the second time. The D3 bug doesn't allow the custom textures to load the first time when restored from the main menu.

Special Thanks and recognition to these DBB junkies for all their great help : THANKS TO  Testiculese,   MrPerect,  Spidey,  PipSqueak10,   SuperSheep,  and  Archaeloidic.  These guys beta tested and gave me some pointers, which I took seriously. 
I have added a few things since the beta test but the basic game is close to the same.

Ron Lester