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Rhea Station version 1.0

Copyright(c) Ron Lester ( )Free to distribute

Single level play only

e.g. ver1.0
This level is the second part of the Saturn Moons projects. ( Saturn Station-Titan Project being the first part )  After leaving Saturn Station ( located on Titan ) for Felix Station ( located on the moon Rhea ) You have to do a little rescue and destruction to ensure that the new crew coming in,  will be able to improve the security of that station and mine. This mine is important because it holds a lot of gold and metals that are important. There are a lot more bots to contend with at Rhea mine, so be prepared to fight all the way to the end of your mission.

This level is the fourth level ( actually fifth ) that I have created. Iceworld, and Darkmoon were exploration around Jupiter. Saturn Station plus Saturn Station ( Titan Project ) and Rhea Station, take place on the moons of Saturn. 
This level should have plenty of bots to fight. It is a fairly large mine but should move pretty quick. There are no tricky guided shots ( maybe one if you have to ) or anything like that, just a lot of bot killing to obtain a goal. There are a few places that will take some thought to finish that goal but nothing too hard for the average Joe.

Special note: If you are not familiar with custom textures then you should understand that this level has a few custom textures( ( maybe 25 ), and when restoring a saved game, be sure that you have the level started before you restore a saved game. 
As long as the level is started,  then the game will restore properly.
Their is another way to restore a saved game and get the custom textures, and that would be to first restore the game and then use alt f3 and restore it again. The custom textures will show up the second time. The D3 bug doesn't allow the custom textures to load the first time when restored from the main menu.
Even though I did create all my previous textures and some of the textures in this level, there are some textures in this level that were taken from different locations from the web and I give credit to those people for their creation. I regret that I do not have their names, so I will just give them credit the best I can.

Special Thanks to all of the following for offering to beta test or examine this level. Thanks to all of them and others that made suggestions to improve it.

Shoku ...  Testiclese ... Dcrazy ... De Rigueyr.... Mrguytodd .. Tricord ...  Duh! They make great levels too !!!
I am sure there are other ways to improve it as there is in most anything. I felt like the level was good enough to post and let others play it. 
Thanks to Starkiller for letting me upload it to their location so others who didn't have the capacity to receive it to download it from there.

Once again
I would like to thank Charles "Stormcrow" Featherer for his tutorial on terrain.

I didn't have a clue how to do that until I found it. 

Thanks to starkiller for his scripting advice in IceWorld. 

Thanks to schplurg for his patients

Thanks to Garner_1 and to Wolf for their help on the BB ( always willing to help a rookie )

Thanks to Nick for advice from time to time. ( This guy knows his stuff )

Thanks to otherone for the better editor. ( This dudes gotta be smart to do what he did with the editor )

I feel that it is very hard to make a d3 game for slow computers. I think if a person really wants to enjoy the game, they should invest in a good graphics card and plenty of memory and probably better clock speed.

Ron Lester