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Saturn Expedition version 1.0

Copyright(c) Ron Lester ( )Free to distribute

Single level play only

e.g. ver1.0

This is my 3rd level and I am learning.
I think this level is a bit better than the other two.
It has a couple of custom textures, so you will need to load the game before restoring a saved game so the textures will show up in the saved game.
There are plenty of B-Nodes so the guidebot gets around pretty good to help out.
I know all about B-Nodes inside the mine but outside seems to be a mystery to everyone. I know they are in what is considered one room outside even though I am sure terrain makes up many rooms. 
Anyway, this level has more bots than my other ones and I think you have to be careful if you want to finish the game.
This is a fairly large level, and it took a while to light with super detail but it worked fine.
Maybe someone will learn how to move outside Bnodes. They are not a problem in this level but in all my levels I have one room outside that has a number of Bnodes and they won't move to where you can align them the way you want them.

Also, I would like to thank Charles "Stormcrow" Featherer for his tutorial on terrain.
I didn't have a clue how to do that until I found it. 
I downloaded his terrain, and used it on my first level as a guide to make my own.
I used it for size, and for depth. I then did mine to fit my level.
Terrain is now very easy to design anyway you want it to look.
Thanks to starkiller for his scripting advice.
Thanks to schplurg for his patients

Also, I would like to thank everyone for their tutorials online. I enjoy printing them and learning them.

Those that taught me how to do scripting, and those that taught me how to put sound in, and just everyone that took the time to put all this online.

Ron Lester