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Art Gallery / Re: Descent Mac Shareware Music
« Last post by Scyphi on Today at 05:17:12 PM »
WillyP...he's talking about the D1 redbook soundtrack.  ;)

Which you can find all that and more, here:

Descent MacPlay Soundtrack

I believe the specific track you're looking for is listed as number thirteen in the linked list, "A Big Problem." If not, all the other songs found on the Mac version (demo or otherwise) can be found in that list.
Art Gallery / Re: Descent Mac Shareware Music
« Last post by Chaplain5 on Today at 03:46:41 PM »
I was under the impression that the soundtracks for Mac were always pre-recorded and it was the PC versions that got interpreted MIDI files, since Mac came later.

Am I wrong?  ???
Art Gallery / Re: Descent Mac Shareware Music
« Last post by -<WillyP>- on Today at 03:30:27 PM »
Midi will sound different depending on your hardware and on the sound-fonts you have installed. I don't know what else is out there perhaps someone will post some other files that are closer to what you want.
Art Gallery / Re: Descent Mac Shareware Music
« Last post by Chaplain5 on Today at 09:04:42 AM »
Thanks, man, close but not quite. These sound like they're from the PC Shareware. The Mac ones sound different.
Art Gallery / Descent Mac Shareware Music
« Last post by Chaplain5 on Yesterday at 01:15:11 PM »
Hey all, I'm new here!

Actually, I signed up because I wanted to ask this question (I hope that's not frowned upon? :-[)

Years ago, my first taste of Descent came from the Mac Shareware demo. This demo had the three first levels of the full game. It also had a unique soundtrack.
I've researched this extensively and I know how the Macplay soundtrack was different from the PC MIDI soundtrack and whatnot.

The Mac Shareware demo, however, had pre-recorded tracks that were based (I believe) on tracks from the PC MIDI soundtrack. The piece used for level 3, for example, was a mix of the Level 13 Europa Mining Colony track.

I very much liked the soundtrack from the demo, and I've searched the internet for years trying to find it. It seems that a couple of other people remember this as well and have posted about it, here for example.

I have the shareware files on CD, actually, so if the music files can be extracted...

Thanks to anyone who puts their mind to this. I'd really like to be able to listen to that level 3 music again.
PD Bug Reports / Re: Blank MIDI Music ZIP files
« Last post by Kyra Pixie on October 17, 2017, 06:58:50 PM »
Any luck with anyone finding the Descent 1 MIDI's?

I only recently cleared D1 on Hotshot (while save-scumming in spots) and thought that was an achievement... I was wrong  :P

Looking forward to watching some of these.
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