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Mess Hall / Re: Versions of Descent 3?
« Last post by Matthew on Today at 05:53:02 PM »
The 1.5 patch is an unofficial patch which isn't available for Linux or Mac IIRC. The unofficial part may be why they didn't/couldn't change the version on the exe. At least back in the day, 1.4 official was the only version ever used for multiplayer with the sole exception of the very rare Olympus Gold game which would crash without the 1.5 patch. For singleplayer or for multiplayer with Windows/WINE users, 1.5 probably makes sense as I think it has better stability on modern operating systems. For Linux/Mac you still have no other choice.
Mess Hall / Re: Versions of Descent 3?
« Last post by Hunter on Today at 08:02:14 AM »
The most common version in use today will be what GOG and Steam provide. No CD version, no dateiliste version. Although those are held and used by old farts like myself, I imagine most (if not all) new D3 installations are with those two platforms..
Mess Hall / Versions of Descent 3?
« Last post by SaladBadger on Yesterday at 10:14:27 AM »
I'm currently finalizing my work on my Descent 3 patcher to get a public release out, but I'm having some trouble with versions. So I only have the dateiliste fan repack version of Descent 3 handy, which I obtained before Descent 3 was available on digital stores like GOG and Steam. This repack comes with two versions, one labeled "1.4" with a filesize of 1,818,624 bytes. It also contains one named "1.5" but which internally seems to be referring to itself as "1.4", with a filesize of 1,806,336 bytes. But the RE work, which was started by Arne, was done against the GOG version which he sent me a copy of, which is 1,794,048 bytes large and also also identifies itself as "1.4". But this isn't some strange GOG or Steam specific version, because the "Black Pyro Justice" mod (which simply changes the string for loading extra13.hog, from what I understand) is also 1,794,048 bytes large, so this version has been extant for a long time too.

For the moment, I've loaded in offsets for the 1,818,624 byte version and the 1,794,048 byte version from GOG for my patcher, but I'm really confused here. Which version is the most common one in use today? Why are there 3 versions calling themselves "1.4"? And which ones should I be caring about?
Mess Hall / Re: Playing around with a Descent 3 patcher
« Last post by SaladBadger on April 02, 2021, 11:26:06 AM »

The configuration parser is functional now, and the configuration tool is working. Some testing and cleanup is still needed, and I need to load in the offsets for some other versions, but I hope I can get this mess released this weekend.

These are all the patches that will be in the initial release, but I want to add more later down the line
Mess Hall / Re: Playing around with a Descent 3 patcher
« Last post by SaladBadger on April 01, 2021, 08:59:55 AM »
Just a small update, but I'm finally working on the configuration parser, and then the configuration tool. While finishing up the fullscreen code I also took a moment to squeeze in optional MSAA support for the new windowed and fullscreen modes, and it looks quite nice.
Mess Hall / Re: Playing around with a Descent 3 patcher
« Last post by Matthew on March 31, 2021, 07:58:20 AM »
This sounds excellent! I might even be able to stomach a playthrough of D3 again! Thanks for your work!
Mess Hall / Re: Playing around with a Descent 3 patcher
« Last post by Hunter on March 29, 2021, 02:33:28 AM »
Very nice! And no rush. Things move really slowly these days... it can be about 3 months before people even check a new level!

I believe Ryan converted the movies to ogg, they're included in the new Linux release. (https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/descent-3-returns-to-linux-and-macos-with-an-official-modern-port.15900)
Mess Hall / Re: Playing around with a Descent 3 patcher
« Last post by SaladBadger on March 27, 2021, 09:54:58 PM »
Alright, I got borderless window fullscreen in... well, kinda. It was my intention, but Windows is weird and automatically handles the case of creating a window the size of the desktop as a sign you actually want exclusive fullscreen mode, so it's actually exclusive fullscreen mode but the resolution is your desktop resolution... good enough for now, I need to figure out what borderless window games do differently to avoid this. The framebuffer system caused some bugs at first, but I think I squashed them. All of these hacks currently only work with the OpenGL renderer, since it's the only one I know how to service, but it works out nicely.

I've basically completed all the big hacks I want to get into an initial release, so the rest of it is probably going to be things like automatically setting certain command line switches and things like the 32-bit color hack (I keep on neglecting it because my executable came pre-patched with the ancient fan 32-bit hack)
Descent Levels/ Mods / Re: Descent 3 Singleplayer Missions - LIST
« Last post by Matthew on March 27, 2021, 07:10:24 PM »
Are there any audio alerts like messages from the beagle or 'intruder alerts' ? If not, that means the scripts for mac/linux were not included in the level. There isn't anyone around anymore that can compile those scripts unfortunately.
What's needed to compile them?
Mess Hall / Re: Playing around with a Descent 3 patcher
« Last post by SaladBadger on March 27, 2021, 08:39:11 AM »
I think bumpmapping is one of those things where it used some sort of GPU extension to do its thing, and I wouldn't be surprised if modern cards don't carry that feature anymore, since any game using bumpmapping from the past two decades would use shaders. One of my dream features ATM is to be able to outright replace the GL renderer with a shader based one, but that's going to take some time.

I am currently investigating making the game not mess with your resolution. My initial solution for this was my windowed mode, but this is a bit lacklustre if you wish to play in fullscreen. Interestingly, the game actually uses borderless windowed mode normally in GL mode, but it also changes your screen resolution... The idea I'm drafting up ATM is to use a render target. Descent 3, so far as I can tell, doesn't use render targets normally, even for things like the HUD camera views, so I can trick the game into thinking a render target is actually the main framebuffer, and then when the game goes to flip buffers, I quickly draw that render target to the main framebuffer and then flip. I'll give that a try today.

Also, regrettably, the sound code is on hold for the moment. While I got 3D sound playing just fine, no crackles and pops, I cannot get streams working for the life of me, I need to reverse engineer a lot more of the LLS system and other parts of the sound system before I can do it. If people aren't interested in music, I can toss in an optional prototype version of the new sound code that will just have the 3D sound but no music.
edit: the music not working properly may have been a 1 line typo. Oops.

I want to get something released by next weekend. With my usual reliability and the frustrations of things like the sound system, it may drift some, but there's not too much work. I currently worry that there's too many "downsides" to this patch (ie, movies will still change your resolution if you don't disable them), but a lot of it is stuff that isn't too important so far so I think the benefits will outweigh the negatives for this first release (we've all seen those crappy late-90s FMVs a hundred times at this point...)
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