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Title: Pumo Mines lives!... (¬°_°)¬
Post by: Pumo on November 28, 2018, 03:02:00 PM

Hello everyone, Pumo here. :)
Ok, so... I think it's time to get things clear about the current state of Pumo Mines - Kartsal Motivation project.
I know D2X-XL is mostly (and sadly) a dead project now, and many don't even use it anymore, and Overload is the new kid in town, but still, Pumo Mines is and will always be my Descent dream project and want to see it done.
So, this year I'm resuming the work on the project, but some things must change in the way they will be made.

First of all:
I will focus on all unfinished levels, with just small changes to already made and complete levels.
This means there will be some inconsintency, mainly on the door frame designs (Levels 1 to 5 didn't had a 3d shell around the doors, but starting on level 6 they do. However, and at least for now, it's too much of a hassle to add those 3d shells to already made level structures).

Another thing that Pumo Mines won't have for now, are complex 3d pre-rendered movies.
I know the 3-level demo had a couple of movies, but again, if I want to focus on the campaign design, I won't be able to get the time to made those. However, there will be scripted exit sequences and effects on some levels (using accelerator triggers and stuff).

About 3D Models, I managed on previous years to finish the design of 3D models for the weapons (thanks to Metalbeast!), but many scenery props and level assets won't be made by me, will be used from royalty-free 3D assets that are (or were) available on the web (like SolCommand, Nobiax, etc)

And finally, but not least important, I will try to release a new playable version with some of the new levels as soon as possible, but you may encounter some issues with it, as I prefer to add updates and patches to it than keeping it unpublished for years (I will also made a poll, to see how do you prefer the new Pumo Mines versions to be published).

I hope you may understand, I've been struggling with some real life issues and health problems since some years, and making such a mod is very demanding for just one person, but I really want to see my project fullfilled, so these changes are a must (and I think they will be for the better).

Thanks for reading and for your support! See you in the PMC mines, take care and beware of the Hosako Empire! :D

PS. I'm also working on a simpler Descent project that you may see released soon, and it's related to the Pumo Mines universe ;)

-Some screenshots of Pumo Mines as it's now:
( ( ( ( ( ( (
Title: Re: Pumo Mines lives!... (¬°_°)¬
Post by: -<WillyP>- on December 03, 2018, 03:35:54 PM
Pumo, sorry to hear you are having health issues. I am sure whatever you release will be great and much appreciated!
Title: Re: Pumo Mines lives!... (¬°_°)¬
Post by: Pumo on December 10, 2018, 02:05:35 PM
Thanks a lot WillyP! I also appreciate your support.
Stay tuned for updates, as soon as I can I will try to publish something playable.
Title: Re: Pumo Mines lives!... (¬°_°)¬
Post by: TechPro on December 14, 2018, 07:39:37 PM
I am excited about this! I look forward to Pumo Mines

You didn't mention DXX-Rebirth.  I assume Pumo Mines should work fine with DXX-Rebirth?
Title: Re: Pumo Mines lives!... (¬°_°)¬
Post by: Pumo on December 18, 2018, 08:33:36 AM
Unfortunately no, it won't work on DXX-Rebirth as it uses a lots of modding and level features (including story scripting and effects) that are not available on traditional Rebirth-compatible levels.  :(

I think this is the only project designed for XL that exists nowadays.
Title: Re: Pumo Mines lives!... (¬°_°)¬
Post by: Hunter on January 02, 2019, 04:17:59 PM
Certainly looking forward to it! I always am envious of how much easier it is to put together levels in D2 compared to D3's mammoth list of tasks for singleplayer, but it's still a massive time sink whichever way you look at it.