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Title: Forsaken Remastered Release!
Post by: D2Disciple on July 31, 2018, 04:57:43 PM
Now here's one I didn't expect to see anytime soon. ;) Forsaken, the faster, louder, and dumber Descent clone from 1998, has been re-released by Nightdive studios for modern PC systems with some re-mastered options such as FHD and 4K widescreen support, anti-aliasing, FOV adjustment, and other general quality-of-life updates to the game. More interestingly, though, is that it isn't just the original PC/Playstation version that got the updated release - no, this one incorporates the entirety of the completely-different Nintendo 64 version into the singleplayer campaign as well. This marks the first time (to my knowledge) that the N64 game gets some PC love, and means that this is going to be one seriously content-loaded singleplayer game. Oh, and there's working multiplayer too,  if that wasn't enough.  :)

Once maligned by many hardcore Descent fans, Forsaken is, in hindsight, a very fun, frantic, and occasionally immature 6DOF shooter that takes the Descent formula up to 11 and adds some of it's own gameplay twists as well. At 20 bucks, it's hard not to recommend, especially since you're getting the revamped and definitive version of what is essentially two combined games.

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