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Lego GX 5
Yes, those are indeed hoses running from the intakes to the engines - it required building around the engines from start to finish, which probably added an hour to the build time. I attempted to make the ship as conceivably real as possible.
 Views: 1223
 Rating: 4.97
Posted by D2Disciple
May 26, 2009
in Descent photos
Zoom Details 4
My Current Desktop.
 Views: 1338
 Comments: 4
 Rating: 4.97
Posted by Ronin RedFox
Jun 08, 2009
in Darc's Misc Stuff.
 Views: 1232
 Comments: 1
 Rating: 4.97
Posted by -<WillyP>-
Dec 01, 2009
in WillyP
Zoom Details 1
Fun with MS Paint!
Stupid, I know, but fun anyway.  ;D
 Views: 1132
 Comments: 1
 Rating: 4.97
Posted by D2Disciple
Jan 31, 2010
in Descent photos
Descent Desktop 2
A remake of my original... Thought the shield orb would work better in the center and changed the color scheme to coincide with the original box art. Also, the text is smaller, has a drop shadow, and is textured up a bit. Hope you like it.  ;)
 Views: 1070
 Rating: 4.97
Posted by D2Disciple
Feb 01, 2010
in Descent photos

Random Items

 Views: 583
Posted by Kaiaatzl
Nov 25, 2010
in Descent Dreams - The New Enemy…
 Views: 215
 Comments: 2
Posted by Alieo
Jun 04, 2012
in Descent for Playstation
 Views: 133
Posted by Kaiaatzl
Apr 13, 2013
in The Odd Canon
Zoom Details 1
My New Rig 4
HUGE tower.
 Views: 1012
 Comments: 1
Posted by D2Disciple
Feb 19, 2010
in Random Junk(ie)
 Views: 494
 Comments: 4
Posted by Kaiaatzl
Jan 26, 2011
in Easy Streaming and Linking - p…

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