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Lego GX 2
Those are some mean afterburners.
 Views: 1498
Posted by D2Disciple
May 26, 2009
in Descent photos
 Views: 1490
Posted by Alieo
May 30, 2012
in Descent MIDI/REDBOOK Correlati…
 Views: 1414
 Comments: 7
 Rating: 4.98
Posted by hurleybird
Jun 02, 2012
in yet another remastered descent…
Su-37 Engine
Su-37 engine, 3D vectored thrust nozzle.
 Views: 1397
Posted by Sidhe Priest
Sep 14, 2005
in Misc.
Zoom Details 4
My Current Desktop.
 Views: 1316
 Comments: 4
 Rating: 4.97
Posted by Ronin RedFox
Jun 08, 2009
in Darc's Misc Stuff.

Random Items

 Views: 150
Posted by Sidhe Priest
Sep 05, 2012
in Other Games' MIDI Music
 Views: 25
Posted by Alieo
May 30, 2012
in Descent 8-bit
The Curse of Razzadoon
Razzadoon's Curse or the Curse of the Otter:
Anything electronic in your general vicinity will start doing nothing except spewing out the name "RAZZADOOOON!!!" over and over and over, with various amounts of "o"s if its a visual display like a TV or a computer screen.  Even things like ovens and toa…
 Views: 521
Posted by Kaiaatzl
Apr 09, 2013
in The Odd Canon
 Views: 251
Posted by Kaiaatzl
Apr 24, 2011
in Best of the Irrelevant Show
 Views: 82
 Comments: 2
Posted by Kaiaatzl
Jun 07, 2013
in Other work

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