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 Views: 253
Posted by Kaiaatzl
Apr 24, 2011
in Best of the Irrelevant Show
 Views: 588
Posted by Sidhe Priest
Dec 15, 2010
in Misc.
The Japanese vocaloid crowd. They aren't that good in English yet...
 Views: 730
Posted by Sidhe Priest
Jan 16, 2011
in Vocaloids
BOR-4S Mockup
This is something that came up several years after PM was released. Turns out in the USSR there was an orbital interceptor project, "BOR". It was to be armed with radar-guided missiles for downing satellites and spacecraft in Earth's orbit. This is the BOR-4S aerodynamic mockup. Looks like Blackstar…
 Views: 648
Posted by Sidhe Priest
Aug 19, 2011
in Pyromania
 Views: 607
Posted by Sidhe Priest
Nov 03, 2010
in Other Games' MIDI Music

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