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Contact if you need anything for a Descent level remake. Please do not convert MP3 files to OSF directly (that's double quality loss).

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Assorted Descent mixes and arrangements
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Soundtrack for Descent as heard on the Sony Playstation, circa 1996.

Yes, I am posting VINTAGE stuff for a change, COMPLETELY unedited. Amazing, huh?
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Descent 8-bit remixes using GXX 280ZX WTF ever it's called...
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I had this theory that each Descent Redbook song was actually a remix of a MIDI/HMP/HMQ "GAMEXX" counterpart. This album is an audio illustration of such. Until I can hear from the likes of Allister Brimble, Dan Wentz, Mark Morgan, Johann Langlie, Ron Valdez, Larry Peacock, or Mark Walk & Ogre from Skinny Puppy to confirm or deny this, this is just a theory only.

I made a mash-up remix of the MIDI "GAMEXX" songs with what I think is it's Redbook Audio counterpart.
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Fun with different soundfonts applied to D1/D2 MIDIs!
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A SynthFont Project using the "Vintage Dreams Waves v2.sf2" sound font. I took an opposite approach from previous past projects to when I made the original MIDIs try to sound more like real orchestral instruments. This time, using the Vintage Dreams Waves sound font, I try to return that vintage feel to the old MIDIs/OPL3s with this high quality synth-heavy sound font. It was challenging on some percussion-heavy songs because there aren't many percussion instruments to choose from.

And the ban…

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Stuff/junk I make when I'm really bored, beyond "Play Descent" bored, beyond "build something that does..." bored, no, this is "mess with GIMP" bored...
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