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What's this?!?  Screenshots and soundtrack excerpts?!?
And possibly robot concept art and character sketches!?!
 ??? ... :o ... 8)
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Obsidian, like the Entropy Experiment, had a great midi soundtrack that was far ahead of its time.  The limitations of the midi format, however, had a huge (and very bad) impact on what could have been so much more if it wasn't a midi soundtrack.  There were only a few sound sets where you could actually hear how great the soundtrack really was, and the lack of filters, lack of realistic guitars, and the limitations of midi drum sets (mostly the limits of having only 2 kicks and 2 snares per son…
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My remixes of the music from Descent.
From now on they will be found in here!

Check back often, with Alieo's frequency of uploads you might not see if there's something new here :P.

It's like an asteroid robot factory but it makes remixes!
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The idea was to make songs that correlate to the D2 Redbook pieces.  It was Alieo's idea.  These songs aren't remixes -- they just attempt to capture the essence of each redbook song.

There is a separate set for Vertigo, which means four of the songs (Crush, Glut, Haunted, and Death) have two correlations.

Most of these songs were made for various projects, but secretly with the correlation in mind.  I tested these as though they were the redbook soundtrack, and they fit into each of their lev…
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Pythonesque radio sketch comedy from Edmonton, on CBC radio.  These are some of my personal favs from them.
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My own custom soundtrack to what is probably one of the best small D2 missions of all time.
Most of these songs were not made specifically with Warp Shockwave in mind, one was made following the idea of a D3 level by WillyP, and another was meant to be a replacement for the D1 level 6 midi.  I didn't really have anything in mind for the other four though.
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For easy streaming and linking of images and music, but for things that either I don't want to keep private or their private phase is over (for example if they have to do with a story and the story has been finished, this is the place they will go.  If the story is still in progress, they'd go in the private album.)
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This is the official ogg soundtrack of Descent - The Enemy Within, and it's finished now.  Find instructions for installation in this thread: http://www.planetdescent.net/index.php?topic=565.0.  It's also the official soundtrack of D2X-XL when it gets released as a standalone program (using TEW as the default mission).
All of the songs that you see here were recorded "live" on my Yamaha PSR-E403 keyboard (which I've had since about 2005).  After the recording was done on each one it was render…
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I made mixes of all the songs from Phobos Encounter in FL Studio (minus the credits music, I may do that later, though I'd probably use the midi file from Chasm).

Sorry that the songs aren't in any particular order.

The song titles and artist credit come from the phobos-e.txt file.
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Been experimenting with making D1/2 style robot sounds.  All are modified animal calls (like the original sounds).
I should mention that these sounds are made with the TEW robots in mind, as if TEW becomes the main mission in a standalone D2X-XL, it will need new robot sounds.
So far these are the robots I've had in mind (will expand this list when I add more).
Robot01: Komodo
Robot02: Gatling or Terrapinner
Robot03: Mantid
Robot04: Meson

I suppose I should test how these sound in-game :P.
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Contains some of the best of Operation Otter, and Shadow Play (my most ever downloaded file).

Coming: On Wednesday (if there is good weather), I'll add some photos of the Red River and St Boniface Cathedral (both taken from the same spot).  Depending on the weather, this can be the most beautiful spot in Winnipeg (that I've seen, as I've never been to the north end of the city.  I live in the South Center).

Next year: Some of my own alter-egos who I made up this past weekend at Klixovann's Kot…

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Just show off the Descent stuff that I have

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This is my music that I've made that I think is good enough by you guys to listen to. ;)

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Album containing images & music related to the Pumo Mines saga, including Kartsal Motivation, Muchikuche, Mineral Valley, Target : Uranus and Universe...
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