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Synth-y punk-y rock-y song with Skinny Puppy style synth guitars (if you listen to Skinny Puppy, think Tin Omen or Pedafly or Dig It).

So far, the first work from the point of view of "Mew", a character I particularly like now that I've fleshed him out.  He tries to warn somebody about something bad that's going to happen to them, but has to do it through visual metaphors since he can't speak (at least not in human tongues).  Said somebody ends up not understanding what this twitchy-tailed sharp-toothed lurker in deep darkness has to tell them, and having something bad happen to them.

It was kind of cool to try and represent those visual metaphors along with what "Mew" might be thinking through musical landscapes and lyrics.  It took my mind off the slow death of someone I care about, at any rate.

Also I kind of like what I did to the word "Change" just before the synthy-guitar-ish-thing's solo.  Spoiler alert -- it's something appropriate to the word!  And it was totally worth four extra FX slots that could have been used for other things.

May appear in a late-game stage of a certain Descent mod.

Legal Disclaimer: Do not distribute this song, or its description in any form.  I'll hunt you down and, well, you don't want me to hunt you down.  For unspecified reasons.  Once you've finished listening to this song, you must immediately forget it entirely.  Not doing so is an offense punishable by a... well, let's just say hefty, fine, because your very brain could contain illegal copies of this intellectual property.  In fact, you're not even allowed listen to this song!  Or read this description!  You depraved psychopaths!

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