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A character sheet!!!
A character sheet!!!  I always do character sketches when I'm coming up with new characters.  So here are
a few of the sketches for important or reccurring characters in the Odd Canon.
I know there's a bit of a gender imbalance among these important characters.  I'm working on developing some more female characters strong enough to be major characters, but I have some trouble understanding the female side of things enough to write it believably.  So I'm a little bit slower at coming up with female characters than with male characters.  For what it's worth the two major female characters I do have in here are two of my favourite characters I've ever invented.

Fair warning: spoilers abound in here.  Not just character development spoilers but some pretty big plot points from stories like The Fearret's Journal and Reality's Zipper.  If you actually want to read my writing (in that case I'm honored) then you might want to give this a miss.
On the other fork of the tail, if you've been listening to some of my vocal songs and have no idea what's going on in their lyrics, then if the song is set in the Odd Canon this document might give you just enough background info on the character doing the singing to figure out what the hell he (or she) is singing about.  Or something like that.

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