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The Curse of Razzadoon
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Razzadoon's Curse or the Curse of the Otter:
Anything electronic in your general vicinity will start doing nothing except spewing out the name "RAZZADOOOON!!!" over and over and over, with various amounts of "o"s if its a visual display like a TV or a computer screen.  Even things like ovens and toasters will modulate their humming sounds so that they sound like they're whispering the name, and it doesn't stop if the device is turned off or unplugged.  The whispering persists for several days and only stops when you're horrifyingly and excruciatingly transformed into a wild feline or occasionally some other carnivorous animal -- keeping nothing but your intelligence and sanity.
The so-called "curse" (which is not actually magical, but an application of incredibly sophisticated lutran technology) was specifically designed to preserve the sanity of its victims.  One might even say that the continuation of sanity is the real Curse of Razzadoon.

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