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GAME24 (Poltergeist Mix)
"The Smelter" by Texace Psychclone

Deep in the shadows as the bell tolls
Lurks a danger down by the fiery coals
Prepare for descent, Material Defender
And watch your back on this next endeavor

Once an overseer of slag determination
The virus has modified its concentration
Camouflaged, cloaked, or suited up naturally
The Smelter looks to commit a fatality

Moderately threatening is its repulsion system
At two meters size, you just might miss him
It sometimes wields proximity bombs
But mostly makes y'all cry for your moms

So thrust your burners and fire your lasers
And load up on weapons of energy savers
Dog fighting and sniping are the keys to success
So you can move on to Dravis' next mess

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PostedJanuary 07, 2013, 01:20:13 AM
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