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01 - Trickste­r, D2 C… 02 - InfilTra­itor, D… 03 - Snake Eyes, D2…
02 - InfilTraitor, D2 Counterstrike Gunner Down Correlation
Title: InfilTraitor

Correlated Song: Gunner Down

Correlated Levels: Turnabout Bore, Magnacore Station, K'wod A'rior

Project: Solarian

Description: The idea with this was to combine the feel of Gunner Down with the feel of the Spagonia music from Sonic Unleashed and the Starlight Carnival music from Sonic Colours.  Therefore the drums are often played at double tempo like in all three of those songs.

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PostedJuly 04, 2011, 04:15:14 PM
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