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My Pet Cetacean Dreams (Fli… Among Shards
Cetacean Dreams (Flight Back)
Cetacean as in dolphin.  Just listen to the song and you'll understand the title.
This was intended to be something I'd put together quickly to test out Sytrus in FL Studio.  I ended up spending a lot more time than I had intended on the composition part and adding many more instruments than I had intended... this has more instruments than most of my other songs.  There are only two non-Sytrus synths not counting the drums -- the staggered sweep pad was done with Stringsynth + FL Buzz Adapter and the synth drum is a soundfont played in FL Soundfont player.  I finished the song about 3 hours ago and it finished rendering about one hour ago.  It's not quite as melody-centered as Among Shards but there is definitely a recognizable lead (actually several in different parts), and it is very atmospheric.
I managed to find the full cover art from Startide Rising as well (art by Jim Burns, novel by David Brin), and it seemed kind of appropriate for this.  I believe the woman is Gillian Baskin and the man is Toshio (whatever his last name was).  One of the dolphins is probably Keepiru and the other one... I can't remember her name.

And in case you're wondering, yes I do have dreams about dolphins.  In fact it's probably the kind of dream I have most.

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