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55. Descent II Credits (Vintage Dreams Mix)
Music from Descent 2, Credits
Original Track: "Credits" by Dan Wentz
Rearranged By: DJ Hearseman (formerly Texace12, formerly formerly Alieo) via SynthFont

And that concludes all of the Vintage Dreams project I've been putting off for five years now. I'd like to make a new variation of each world (a Quartzon mix, Brimspark, Limefrost spiral) for each of the 4 songs, but I've been very busy lately. Got my CDL 3 years ago and drive trucks now, got engaged two years ago, and lost my father last year. Lots of changes. I simply don't have time to devote to Descent related stuff lately. I still pop Descent music on every now and then, of course. Y'all be good! Hopefully I get the D2 files done before 2030?

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PostedJanuary 30, 2020, 10:35:40 PM
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FilenameN 2- 5. Revelation (Vintage Dreams 'Zeta Aquilae' Mix).mp3
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